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    45% Off Five Hours of Professional Home Organizing
    On Location
    $225 $124 2.4 miles
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    50% Off Back-Glass Repair or Device Case
    $40 $20 2.6 miles
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    54% Off Real-Estate Licensing Course
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    70% Off Studio Photography
    Franklin/Call Street
    $200 $60 5.2 miles
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    63% Off Computer and Smartphone Repairs
    East Tennessee Street
    $40 $15 5.2 miles
1436 Capital Cir NW Tallahassee, FL 32303


Stewardship Drycleaners lives up to its name. Each dry-cleaned shirt gets de-grimed with Vista solvent, made from biodegradable, nontoxic chemicals, and every laundered garment gets washed with Faultless by Nature detergent, to which the EPA has given its stamp of approval. Additionally, Stewardship Drycleaners offers plastic-bag and hanger recycling to reduce new production. Whether washing worn jeans, preserving wedding dresses, or adhering to its policy of only christening ships named The Steward, the cleaner keeps true to its moniker.

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