Kaia F.I.T. Temecula

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31717 Temecula Pkwy Temecula, CA 92592


As a gymnastics coach, Kaia F.I.T. founder and owner Nikki Warren always noticed how children in motion tumble and play with ease. They were effortlessly agile and flexible, and yet many of them would grow into adults who would struggle to stay active. Kaia F.I.T. sprang from this realization with the goal of restoring female physiques to the adolescent pliability everyone enjoys before they grow their rock-hard exoskeleton after sixth grade.

At Kaia F.I.T., a team of expert fitness coaches retrain bodies with dynamic workouts designed to strengthen muscles, boost energy, and vanquish fat. They root their F.I.T. sessions in functional training, a method that enlists athletes' own body weight and movement to stimulate fitness. They also ramp up their regular F.I.T. program during Brik boot camps, in which students sweat through ever-changing routines to keep their bodies in better shape than fad diets or preserving them in amber for swimsuit season would. Although each program ranges in intensity and length, all workouts and moves can be modified to suit the fitness level of any client. To further help clients reach their fitness goals, the studio makes available a bounty of healthy, flavorful recipes online.

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