Kyoto Japanese Steak House

1487 Main St Tewksbury, MA 01876
Open Hours

Currently: Open
Mon-Thu: 7pm - 9:30am
Fri-Sat: 4pm - 10:30pm


The chef twirls and spins his carving fork and spatula in a percussive rhythm atop the grill. He continues the show, slicing and seasoning meats and vegetables as part of a choreographed spectacle for guests lined around the perimeter of a hibachi grill. In addition to freshly seared dishes, the chefs also man a sushi bar, where they work with ingredients such as fresh salmon and deep-fried sweet potato. They prepare plenty of vegetarian items as well as a selection of Chinese dishes. Every dish is available for delivery within a 5-mile radius, which Kyoto's staff demarcates by drawing a large chalk circle around the restaurant.


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