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    65% Off Chiropractic Care
    $250 $88 3.4 miles
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    70% Off Chiropractic Therapy at Dynamic Health Solutions Center
    $165 $49 3.9 miles
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    65% Off Chiropractic Care
    Shafer Plaza
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    Up to 51% Off Acupuncture
    $70 $35 4.6 miles
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    86% Off a Brain-Balancing Exam and Pre-Treatment
    $344 $49 5.0 miles
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    Up to 41% Off Colon Hydrotherapy at Alazan Care
    Far North Dallas
    $80 $49 5.5 miles
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    Up to 70% Off Reiki at Yoga Therapist
    $88 $29 5.6 miles
5805 Saintsbury Drive The Colony, TX 75056


The owner of Avalon O2 first discovered the curative powers of pure oxygen after a big night out in Las Vegas. A friend dragged her to an oxygen bar at The Venetian, where the life-giving gas restored her exhausted body, quelling the waves of nausea and unplugging the cranial jackhammer that had rendered her incapacitated.

The "bartenders" at Avalon O2 hope to serve up that same kind of relief with oxygen mixed with aromas such as peppermint for upset bellies, almond for slimming, or cherry for reliving a summer spent hiding in a produce truck. A writer for Thrillist said that these scented add-ins "allegedly enliven your brain's alpha waves, and at the very least smell better than you after a bender." As oxygen floods the lungs, massage treatments and other services soothe the outside of the body.

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