Lido Lanes Bowling Center

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865 South Ave Toledo, OH 43609


Lido Lanes is a family-friendly bowling center offering a safe, clean environment for bowlers of all ages and skill levels. Each of the 16 waxen alleys sports a seating area, slimming lighting for weight-conscious bowling balls, and an automatic scoring system that spares bowlers the hassle of learning the game's complex scoring algorithms and theorems (such as Fermat's Last Frame). Along with stylish shoes, the spoils of your tribe's lane domination treat you to one tantalizing appetizer from Lido Lanes' bar and grill. Onion rings (a $3.40 value) provide circular sustenance, and deluxe nachos (a $4.90 value) roll in on spinning rims to satisfy the barbarian hunger generated by your three brawny ball battles. To accompany its guttural symphony of shattered strikes and exploding turkeys, Lido Lanes invites live bands, such as Chicago blues bands, country signers, and Irish bands, to rock out on the lanes during Rock N Bowl night.

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