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Shanthy Jayakumar prescribed many medicines during the nine years she worked as a medical consultant for Mother Teresa Medicare in Sri Lanka, but you'd be hard pressed to find any of them in a typical drugstore. That's because her prescriptions consist of herbs, holistic therapies, and even certain types of food. According to Shanthy, many patients initially come to Harisa Massage Therapy & Ayurvedic Wellness Center for Western-style massages or organic facials, but return for the Ayurvedic medicine that she introduces to them.

Treatments such as herbal nasal cleansing absolve the body of physical impurities, and relaxing Shirodhara head massages quiet inner monologues or AM radio signals as a slow drizzle of heated oil drips onto the forehead. Panchakarma therapy cleanses the three Ayurvedic systems that govern the body by combining healing massage therapy with internal cleansing induced by carefully selected herbs.

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