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3149 Crooks Rd Troy, MI 48084


There are as many gyro combinations as there are customers at Kalamata Greek Grill. That's because the staff customize each of their gyros exactly to customer specifications to create dishes that range from traditional to avant garde. To start, staff toss a choice of four meats or grilled vegetables into the shop's homemade pita bread, lettuce wraps, or rice bowls. These can then be flavored with custom toppings and sauces, or one of the preset topping combos. One such combination is the Detroit style, which comes with lettuce, tomato, feta cheese, and creamy Greek dressing, all wrapped in a warm gyro. The Greek Power Bowl mates a choice of protein with a soft mound of quinoa. Sides such as pita chips with hummus and rice pilaf can be added at the register to ensure that every taste bud is satiated without having to survey all 10,000.


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