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4427 East 5th Street Tucson, AZ 85711


As the years go by, shoulders draw forward, necks bend, backs ache, and knees throb. Most people attribute these aches and pains to napping on whack-a-mole machines or the body's natural breakdown as it ages, but proponents of a process known as Rolfing maintain that they all center on the body's proper alignment. Rolfing involves manipulating the fascia, a network of connective tissue, to return patients to their full upright position.

Certified Rolfer Michael Pellegrino bears this focus on alignment in mind during pretreatment consultations with clients, gleaning information from them about personal history and health concerns and goals. Clad in comfortable clothing, clients are encouraged to focus on breathing as Michael performs the hands-on therapy, lengthening connective tissue in problem areas with his hands. As part of each Rolfing treatment, Michael also unburdens the central nervous system with craniosacral therapy.


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