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186 E Broadway Blvd Tucson, AZ 85701


O2 Modern Fitness helps clients of all fitness levels and walks of life reach their full fitness potential—including current mayor Jonathan Rothschild, who promotes physical fitness city-wide. With his days packed full of rich lunch meetings and countless hours at the desk, Rothschild spends his mornings pedaling away calories.

Now a tried-and-true fitness emporium, O2 Modern Fitness began when Susan Frank realized the key to keeping her genetically high cholesterol low: cycling. Today, helping clients achieve strength and conditioning through cycling (CYCL) and Cross Training (CROSS) are the primary goals of O2, thanks to self-paced group training. Yet beyond the bike, certified staff members lead students though high-intensity interval training that includes body-weight exercises plus the use of kettlebells and sandbags within the CROSS conditioning classes that heighten core strength and mobility.

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