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5800 E Skelly Dr, Ste 170 Tulsa, OK 74135


Phyllynna Hurtubise’s nimble hands first got their training at the age of 16, when she suffered from constant headaches after a car accident. Phyllynna taught herself to alleviate her pain through self-massage, eventually honing this skill by practicing on her friends. Years later, a layoff gave her the opportunity to attend massage school, where she fell in love with healing people through the power of her touch.

While she enjoys relieving clients’ stress, Phyllynna says her real passion is pain relief, since she knows what it feels like to have constant discomfort. To this end, she strives to eliminate pain at its source rather than masking it with medication. Within a private chamber furnished with earth tones and natural textiles, she works her clients' muscular structures, urging them to release stress and painful memories of jazzercise routines. A hot towel keeps feet warm and Lotus Touch lotions sweeten each stroke as she melds together techniques from varied modalities, depending on her client’s individual needs. Ever conscious of her clients' comfort, Phyllynna walks first-timers through the appointment before she begins and gives each guest a bottle of water afterward to help flush out toxins and extinguish any aromatherapy-candle contraband.