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11961 Ventura Blvd Studio City, CA 91604


During a video feature for Warp Factor 2, Vanessa Giorgio summed up the problem that led to her studio's creation: "I couldn't get my spinners to calm down, and I couldn't get my yoga students to hype up." The personal trainer founded Lotus Kitty Yoga and Power Cycling to hybridize the two workouts, thereby creating a rounded fitness regimen for the body and mind.

Inside the studio, her power-cycling instructors contribute vigorous cardio work during their 45-minute classes. They prompt riders to pedal at varying resistances, which mimic outdoor conditions such as hills and fields full of prairie-dog holes, then end each lesson with sit-ups and pushups. Yoga teachers lead posing sequences that change weekly to prevent muscle boredom. They are often designed to address the tightness and stress that accompany power cycling.

Yoga isn't the only thing that Lotus Kitty's instructors combine with power cycling. Classes pair the cycling workouts with the body-sculpting suspension training of TRX, add a muscle-toning triple threat of Barre, Pilates, and light resistance training, and fuse together many others of the studio's five routines. Students can also forgo power cycling altogether and engage in a pure form of TRX, Barre, Pilates, or yoga. In addition to its group curriculum, the studio hosts private training sessions.


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