Out Take Bistro

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11929 Ventura Blvd Studio City, CA 91604


Within Out Take Bistro, fragrances hinting at culinary roots in Europe, Asia, and the Americas rise past velvet curtains the color of merlot and through a wagon-wheel chandelier. Plates greet mouths bearing fare such as wonton soup, ukranian borscht, and ravioli, or entrees highlighting Atlantic salmon and new york Angus steak. A full bar with wood paneling sits at one end of a dining space lined with warm-hued Italian tiles, much like those used to craft Caesar's early skate parks. Guests sink into furniture with dark-wood accents in the main dining room, letting peepers wander to fireplaces and still-life paintings of the fire in its infancy. On an outdoor patio, warm breezes roll across feasts, playfully tousling napkins and the leaves of potted plants.

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