Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

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2361 N High St Columbus, OH 43202


In Ethiopian culture, it is said that people who eat from the same plate, known as mosseb, will never betray one another. Using injera (a crepe-like bread made of teff, wheat, and corn flours) to scoop up chunks of spiced stew to place in a dining partner’s mouth demonstrate the affection and trust that only a shared meal can forge. While they don’t expect guests to feed one another, the chefs at Blue Nile recreates these Ethiopian culinary traditions with a menu of authentic dishes that range from the spicy berbere sauce to milder stews and delicately seasoned lamb and chicken. Served at a mix of traditional Ethiopian tables with American-style tables and chairs, lamb, beef, and chicken dishes are share space alongside vegetarian options such as fresh eggplant, collard greens, and yellow split peas. These combination specials help up to four diners break bread together, encouraging them to share smiles, flavors, and suggestions for what origami animal to make out of the leftover bread.

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