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Settlers Cabin Park Oakdale, PA 15071


ACE-certified trainer and SpeedMatters founder Rob Naylor has dedicated his 15-plus-year career to coaching athletes with sports-specific and general-fitness training programs. Providing instruction for individuals or teams, Rob leads clinics in areas such as softball, football, and golf, teaching fundamental skills sets while conditioning bodies for competition. His ladies' boot camps and men’s overdrive classes whittle down waistlines and sculpt physiques into game shape, improving strength and endurance for matches of full-contact checkers.

High-school athletes seeking to showcase their talents for prospective colleges can take advantage of Rob’s College Prospects of America program. He creates recruiting profiles and videos for each athlete, and assists them with marketing while exposing them to more than 2,000 colleges and coaches. A portfolio of his clients—whom he swears are not robots—can be viewed here.

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