Squire Boone Caverns

2350 Squire Boone Road Southwest Mauckport, IN 47142


Brothers Squire and Daniel Boone discovered a vast network of underground caverns in the late 1700s. Today it still lies beneath the surface of southern Indiana and contains a living, growing ecosystem of stalactites, stalagmites, and flowstone, all formed by the gritty sands of time. Rushing rivers and waterfalls carry millions of gallons of water through the caverns each day, their sources shrouded in unspeakable mystery hats. Upon arrival at the cavern grounds, an hour-long tour will commence. A trained tour guide will lead you through the nearby woods and into a man-made entrance to the caverns, where lighted walkways take visitors through the same network discovered by the brothers Boone. In addition to seeing the natural formations, you'll catch a glimpse of Squire Boone's coffin. The pioneer eventually settled above the caverns that now bear his name and, per his request, was buried amongst the caves that enchanted him.

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