Vancouver Foodie Tours

899 Burrard Street Vancouver, BC V6Z 1X9


Though self-professed foodie Michelle Ng proudly admits to ordering takeout 20 times a week, it wasn’t until she started striking up conversations with the chefs behind her favourite dishes that she got a sense of the depth and diversity of Vancouver’s food scene. Now, on her walking tours, Michelle strives to impart the weight of the local food lore she has gleaned during countless conversations with food-truck owners, chefs, and restaurateurs. In an effort to showcase the city’s cultural diversity, she prioritizes truly authentic international cuisine. “It’s not fusion, it’s not dumbed down—these dishes are what you’d get if you had them in their native country,” she says. And because there's no need to walk very far to sample those dishes, she’s found Vancouver to be the perfect city for hoofing it between each dining destination. At each tour’s conclusion, guests walk away not only with full bellies, but with recipes and tips for recreating their favourite dishes at home, and a bonus of any paper napkins they manage to smuggle out whole.