7 Martini & Tapas

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2181 Upton Dr, Ste 420 Virginia Beach, VA 23454


At 7 Martini & Tapas, diners share the chef's freshly prepared feasts of hot and cold tapas in a relaxed, nightclub-esque lounge. Like auto-tuned readings of The Joy of Cooking, meals present delicious cuisine with a contemporary flair, with elegant platings including columns of tuna tartare, oven-roasted salmon floating on haricots verts, and slices of cheesecake and pie latticed with grids of chocolate and caramel. Guests belly up to the full-service bar for wine or specialty martinis such as the classic cosmopolitan, the Choco Chip Raspberry Tart, and the Cherry Popsicle. On Saturday nights, a live DJ pipes in catchy tunes until 2 a.m.

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