Malbon Bros Corner Mart

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1896 General Booth Blvd Virginia Beach, VA 23454


With flavors as unique as its business model, Malbon Bros. Corner Market complements eco-friendly, soft-touch car washes with family barbecue recipes developed on the Malbon family farm in 1923. A wall-size pig mural splashed across the eatery's façade announces a spread of pulled pork and ribs that make mouths water from behind a classic red-tiled counter. Breakfast items, creamy slaw, and a duo of signature sauces segue into the offerings supplied by a fully stocked convenience store nearby.

As the other draw at Malbon Bros., car-wash bays peek out from a crimson-framed glass structure containing twirling red and blue brushes designed to knock away road grime with minimal water use. The brushes' gentle taps work in tandem with a Blue Coral Beyond Green program, which ensures contaminant-free cleanings, and Rain-X solutions, which repel the outpourings of emotional clouds from glass surfaces.

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