Yokohama Japanese Steakhouse

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    Up to 48% Irish Pub Food
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300 Quaker Ln Warwick, RI 02886


A piece of food soars through the air, landing squarely in the open mouth of a patron. The other 19 guests at the table cheer. Then an egg pops up high above their heads. During its descent, a man standing before the seated crowd pulls open his breast pocket, and the egg lands snugly inside. Without pause, the chef continues chopping, flipping, and grilling in swashbuckling style.

This show repeats at Yokohama Japanese Steakhouse’s five large hibachi tables—each crowned with an enormous grill—every day of the week. The restaurant also serves up less theatrical but no less authentic teriyaki, tempura, udon, and wok-stirred fare, as well as traditional and contemporary sushi rolls. In the dining room, the gurgling of water in an indoor pond mingles with the murmur of Sirius satellite radio and the purring of stomachs curled up for postprandial naps.

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