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    50% Off Boudoir Photography
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Unknown Washington, DC 20036


Armed with nothing but a Polaroid camera, a young Carrie Schluckbier created portraits for her very first clients: stuffed animals. Though her passion for photography has remained the same since her childhood years, her skills have only improved. These days, she photographs professionally for Capital Boudoir alongside fellow shutterbugs John Porter and Mike Burns, whose publication credits include The Washington Post.

The trio not only shares a dedication to their craft, but also a dedication to making their guests feel beautiful and comfortable. Before having clients step in front of the lens, they have them select flattering outfits and sit down for a cosmetic session with resident makeup artist Gina Robinson. Once subjects are gussied up, the photographers coach models through a series of poses, capturing each sultry, yet tasteful look in artfully composed images. During post-shoot viewing sessions, clients can determine which pictures they want to retouch and preserve with prints or full-back tattoos.