Change For Life Weight Loss Program

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    Half Off Facial Treatments
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    57% Off Zerona Treatments
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    Up to 52% Off at A-List Nails and Spa
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    50% Off
    H Street - NoMa
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    75% Off Body Contouring
    Multiple Locations
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650 Pennsylvania Ave SE Washington, DC 20003


Dr. Wanda Minnis-Dyson opened her own practice in 1999 with a single specialty in internal medicine. Soon, however, she built on her expertise to include weight-loss medicine, which turned out to be a fateful choice for the focus of her practice. With that, plus the addition of mesotherapy and aesthetics in 2004, what was once a small medical practice morphed into Change for Life Wellness and Aesthetic Center. Today, she and her staff revamp bodies by shepherding clients through weight-loss programs, rejuvenating skin with dermal fillers, and brightening faces with a kissing booth run by two halogen bulbs. Dr. Dyson spends her time away from the office partaking in medical conferences, speaking on medical panels, and bettering the community at myriad outreach events.

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