Exotic Auto Detail

1150 22nd St NW Washington, DC 20037


Exotic Auto Detail's experienced, professional staff helps man's best metal friend reach its shiniest, cleanest potential with a range of spruce-up services. The VIP package includes two sessions—performed either at Exotic Auto Detail's shop or at customers' homes or offices—that begin with an exterior wash to eliminate freeloading and paint-damaging bugs. Chip crumbs, lost keys, and last year's Columbus Day presents will be vacuumed out of vehicles' interiors and trunks, and windows will get a thorough scrubdown inside and out. After a tire degreasing and dressing, car-care professionals will wipe down dashboards and center consoles and preserve the youthful appearance of leather seats with Blue Luster dressing, a UV-ray shield that helps prevent chips and cracks. After the second visit, autophiles can choose an optional exterior wax and rubber-molding dress or interior steam-clean and dress to give their four-wheeled carriages a tire up in forthcoming beauty pageants.

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