Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant

1 2434 18th St NW Washington, DC 20009


Meskerem showcases a traditional menu designed to be shared with tablemates and spooned up with pancake-like injera bread. Feverishly wrap delicate injera around meaty delights such as tibs, cubes of lean beef seasoned with onions, garlic, spices, and herb butter ($7.95), or the popular doro wot, chicken stew simmered in ethiopian red peppers and spices ($9.95). While sipping on sweet honey wine, diners can create a meat-free masterpiece from a variety of vegetarian dishes, including misir wot, split red lentils cooked in red-pepper sauce ($5.95), and shiro wot, seasoned chickpea stew ($7.50). For an authentic experience, demonstrate bonds of friendship or overconfidence in a first date by participating in gturrsha, the practice of feeding another diner from one's own hand.

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