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6160 Dixie Highway Clarkston, MI 48346


Compassion is the mantra at Yoga Oasis, a mind-body haven lined with glowing candles and shimmering golden curtains. Here, a teaching team draws on a combined 50 years of experience to guide students through ancient poses and breathing exercises that infuse consciousness with a sense of peace. The studio makes yoga accessible to all manner of student, from those who have never touched a sticky mat to those who can perform a headstand on a flying carpet. Yogis even travel to the Great Lakes Cancer Institute, where they help members of the Swan for Life Cancer Foundation find peace and strength through meditation and graceful movement.

Beginners downward-dog into Back to Basics sessions to master hatha poses such as Warrior 1, which forms the foundation for faster-paced classes such as Vinyasa and Flow. In these classes, clear cues and alignment adjustments engage the entire body, bolstering strength, balance, and flexibility. In the Therapeutic & Yoga with Ease class, deep breaths propel students into calming poses that can be modified with props such as blocks, straps, and Shakespearean stage armor.

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