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31 Carr Street Watsonville, CA 95076


When the school day is over and it's time for homework, some students hunker down for grueling solo sessions of math equations and sentence structure. But that's not the only way. In and around Watsonville, pupils can go to Youth N.O.W.'s student center, an educational haven where they can work on their assignments with tutors, credentialed teachers, and peers. There they can complete their homework, eat healthful snacks, use on-site computer labs, and volunteer to help other youth, weaving the net of community support that Youth N.O.W. strives for.

As part of the center's comprehensive tutoring services, students can attend homework-help sessions, engage in independent study, or schedule personal tutoring at least twice a week. The tutors maintain a learning plan with progress reports and individual goals to help students who need to bring their grades up above a C-. The center also helps to provide free access to resources such as printing, computer programs, and project or homework supplies. Yet the student center isn't focused on academics alone. Volunteers also program recreational activities and summer enrichment classes such as photography and printmaking to help students grow into well-rounded individuals.

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