Country Woods Archery

7360 S Forest Hill Rd Saint Johns, MI 48879


In addition to sharing a first name, brothers-in-law Rick Crandall and Rick Lange share a passion for bow hunting. Together, the pair opened Country Woods Archery and designed its 23-acre range, where bow hunters and target archers mosey along trails and aim at 30 Rinehart targets, sending arrows into multidimensional simulacra of animals such as buffalo, turkeys, and pigs. Bow wielders can ascend to three elevated platforms, lurk in blinds, and hone their aim with unique challenges such as shooting across water or through a corn roll. The Ricks have paid attention to every detail along the course, spraying to ward off mosquitoes and graveling the trails so hunters can wear stilettos instead of boots.

Inside, the Country Woods Archery pro shop outfits hunters and archers with all the equipment they need to nab a deer or bear. The shop’s knowledgeable staff happily recommends targets, repairs and adjusts bows, or gives lessons in hitting the 10 ring or taking down flying saucers.

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