Lane and Lenge Florist

214 Park Rd West Hartford, CT 06119


Voted Best Florist/Flower Shop in 2010 and 2011, Lane and Lenge Florists commemorates special occasions with artfully arranged floral masterpieces. Nestled in a terra-cotta-style clay dish, the Serene Retreat arrangement embeds white hypoestes in a field of green dieffenbachia, spathiphyllum, ficus, and boston fern ($47.95). Romantics will enjoy the Rose Medley, a perennial cluster of roses, spray roses, and other fresh buds named after gardening enthusiast Pete Rose ($47.95+). The Citrus Kissed arrangement, a vibrant display of orange and coral roses in a slender gathering vase, celebrates sun-splashed summer months and can be used to ward off apparitions of February ($52.95+).

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