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36976 Detroit Rd Avon, OH 44011


Built in 1850, the historic Clemens Alten House easily blended into the antique atmosphere of Avon, though it’s strong exterior caught the eyes of Bob Neimojewski, as mentioned in an article from 2001 posted on One massive renovation later, the century-old house was transformed into Nemo Grille, a contemporary American restaurant. More than a decade later, guests still enjoy the modern interior, complete with a tin tile ceiling and white-clothed tables, as they dig into creative steakhouse and seafood fare. Chefs stylishly plate slow-roasted Ohio pork belly, ground-veal-stuffed mushrooms, and calamari with a maple-chipotle-lime butter while Certified Angus Beef strip, ribeye, and filet mignons are paired with a black peppercorn cream or a porcini-mushroom-truffle-infused butter. The “moderately upscale restaurant[‘s]…ever-changing menu,” as highlighted by Metro Mix, also enhances fresh seafood and protein-packed meals with a black-misson-fig marsala sauce, foie gras almond glaze, and mascarpone-chive polenta.


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