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    58% Off Vehicle Inspection and Emissions Test 
    Allentown City Historic District
    $59.99 $25 2.1 miles
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    61% Off a Vehicle Inspection and Emissions Test
    $63.99 $25 2.2 miles
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    62% Off State Inspection and Emission Service
    South Whitehall
    $65 $25 4.5 miles
2157 MacArthur Rd Whitehall, PA 18052


Since its birth as a single-bay tire shop in 1929, Jack Williams Tire & Auto Service Centers has vastly expanded its array of vehicle services and spawned more than 20 additional shops throughout the state. During each of the three included oil changes, a team of knowledgeable car whisperers convinces motors' mouths to open wide as they swap soiled oil for up to five quarts of fresh, standard engine juice and install a new filter. Steel steeds with a flat tire can lurch into the shop and ask one of Jack Williams' experts to repair it; if the puncture wound is fixable, drivers can enjoy lifetime repairs and rebalancing on that one tire. To top it all off, rewards-booklet-toting folk can enjoy a bevy of additional savings including a 50% discount on a wheel alignment and a state safety inspection, as well as free shuttle service and complimentary midservice performances of "Greased Lightning."

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