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400 W Waterman St Wichita, KS 67202


Harvest Kitchen/Bar understands that lunch is for lovers of all things sandwich and salad. Sink hungry chompers into a roasted-beet salad ($9), cider slow-roasted BBQ-pork sandwich ($10), or mesquite-smoked prairie-chicken salad ($13) dressed in a lovely little strawberry-basil vinaigrette. Master chef David Wirebaugh collaborated with his cooking crew and local farmers to create refreshingly simple lunch, breakfast, and dinner dishes that showcase the diverse agricultural products of Kansas. Fire up your evening with the fire-roasted shitake-onion tart with basil pesto and aged cheddar ($8), or gobble garden goodies in field greens layered with cured cottage bacon and a grilled corn cake sprinkled with smoked-apple vinaigrette ($8). A natural-fed, 12-ounce KC strip steak ($26) will fill any appetite bucket to the brim, and a fire-roasted half chicken with baby potatoes, herb carrots, and natural au jus ($15) is the perfect portion for a half picnic.