Tapas Gitana

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    Up to 40% Off Spanish Food at Tapas Gitana
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310 Happ Rd Northfield, IL 60093


At Tapas Gitana, waves of steam steeped in saffron, chorizo, and seafood stock rise from paella pans and dishes featured on ABC's Hungry Hound to carry palates away to Barcelona. Cold tapas twine ingredients such as avocado, seranno ham, and manchego cheese, and hot tapas exhibit tiger prawns that fuel the sharing and conversation of small-plate dining. On the outdoor patios, glasses of wine clink together and effuse stories of sun-soaked Spanish grapes the hue of a matador's sports car. Chef Andy Novak appeared in a culinary demonstration hosted by Sheridan Road magazine, in which he cloaked sizzling shrimp in lemon and arbol chilies to forge a dish ideal for serving with pasta or distracting party guests from cartoon-silhouette holes in walls.

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