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1540 S Stratford Rd Winston Salem, NC 27103


With an on-site bakery and a bountiful menu of traditional German fare, Old Europe Restaurant & Bakery satisfies lederhosen-loving appetites in a welcoming ambience. Learn about authentic soups and starters by getting a degree in culinary anthropology or by plunging bakery-fresh farmer's rye bread into handmade hungarian goulash ($4) or sampling from a platter of assorted cheeses and European cold cuts ($8.95). Acquire a taste for traditional entrees and Old World specialties, such as the veal bratwurst with sautéed onions, sauerkraut, and german potato salad ($12.95) and the schweinebraten, a traditional pork roast paired with potato dumplings and red cabbage ($16.95), which is prepared by deeply embarrassing a head of green cabbage. Finish your feast with sweet treats from the bakery, including bavarian cream napoleons with strawberry sauce.

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