Tap Room

201 W Michigan Ave Ypsilanti, MI 48197


In 1993, when realtor Brian Brickley stumbled upon a listing for The Tap Room—a bar flooded with harsh fluorescent lights and littered with broken hunks of chairs and booths—he initially joked with his wife, Lisa, that they should buy it. But after mulling it over, Brian and Lisa discovered that they might be able to breathe new life into the property. What began for the couple as a blues venue that could accommodate up to 69 people has since expanded into a 180-person bar with two pool tables, video games, an Internet jukebox, and open-mic nights every Thursday. Beyond feeding hearts and ears with a variety of musical stylings, the Tap Room feeds stomachs with an extensive menu, inspired by Lisa's flair for cuisine.

These days, The Tap Room attracts occasional visits from celebs such as Jamie Lee Curtis and Robert De Niro, the latter of whom filmed scenes in the bar for his movie Stone, a extended dialogue between him and his pet rock. The bar also serves as a daily hub for pub-food feasts with items such as homemade chipotle hummus and burgers made with local meat from Knight's. The kitchen stays open until midnight, while music from talented regional bands blares until 2 a.m. some

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