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      Barbara Contemporary Platform Beds with Crystal Button Tufting

      Padded faux leather upholstery softens the clean lines of this contemporary platform bed, which features a tufted headboard

      $540.57 $279.99

      Up to 60% Off Rugs at Rugs USA

      Rugs USA

      Oriental, contemporary, and southwestern rugs for indoors and out in myriad sizes, plus pads to keep rugs stationary

      $120 $55

      Up to 64% Off Housecleaning

      Upstate Elite Cleaning

      Staff arrives armed with green cleaning products to transform your home by vacuuming carpets, scrubbing tiles, and wiping down fixtures

      $120 $55

      Bassett Furniture Turner Sofas

      Sofas' clean lines are cozy yet modern, and their delicate off-white upholstery goes with nearly any kind of decor

      $1,349 $679.99

      Grill Dozer Steam-Cleaning Brush

      Three-sided grill cleaning brush with steel bristles sprays steam onto stains, making it easy to wipe them away

      $17.58 $12.99

      63% Off Interior Painting of One Room

      Go Green Contracting

      Backed by more than 30 years of experience, contractors keep homes looking sharp and operating efficiently

      $400 $149

      62% Off Wall Decals from Lacy Bella Designs

      Lacy Bella Designs

      Vinyl wall decals in a variety of sizes feature predesigned heartfelt messages, bon mots, and monograms; decals are easily removable

      $50 $19

      61% Off Art from FabuArt.com


      Inventory of more than 2,000 compositions includes handcrafted oil paintings, sculptures, and metal wall hangings

      $100 $39

      10-Piece Cuisinart Grilling Set with Leather Storage Case

      Set of 10 utensils includes everything needed to clean the grill, flip burgers, and turn steaks, as well as a handsome leather storage case

      $89.99 $54.98

      GabbaGoods Shatter-Proof Screen Protectors: iPhone and Samsung...

      Super-thin screen protectors protect phones’ displays from scratches and drops; cleaning spray, cloth, and home buttons included

      $19.99 $8.99

      Method Natural All Purpose Cleaners (8-Pack)

      Pink grapefruit-scented spray keeps surfaces clean with nontoxic, plant-based powergreen technology that breaks down dirt naturally


      Palmolive Ultra Dish Soap (3-Pack)

      Hypoallergenic dish soaps cut through grease and stuck-on residue to rinse clean, but their gentle formulas are easy on sensitive skin


      NCAA Premium Chef Coats

      Long-sleeved chef coat protects home cooks from messes and cleans up easily in the washing machine

      $79.95 $12.99

      30 Rolls of Windsoft Perforated Paper Towels

      3,000 total paper towels handle general-purpose cleaning around the office with their durable two-ply construction and enhanced absorbency

      $71.59 $32.99

      Unisan Mop Head, Mop Handle, or Broom

      Durable no. 20 four-ply cotton mop and angled flagged-tip plastic brooms help give each workday a squeaky-clean start

      $7.93 $5.49

      Swiffer Mop & Broom Starter Kits (9-Pack)

      Swiffer mops with wet and dry disposable cleaning cloths pick up dirt, dust, and grime from hardwood, tile, and vinyl floors


      6-Piece Microfiber Dusting and Window-Cleaning Kit

      Six-piece cleaning kit includes specialized tools designed for tough cleaning jobs with microfiber that traps dirt like a magnet

      $50.90 $19.99

      Murphy Oil Soap Squirt & Mop Wood Floor Cleaner (3-Pack)

      Clean wood floors in a snap with a ready-to-use solution that doesn't need to be diluted; simply squirt and mop in one go


      Swiffer WetJet Cleaning Pad Refills (4-Pack)

      A textured scrubbing strip and absorbent material let these swiffer pads remove stains from floors and trap them for easy disposal


      180 Easy Paks Neutral Cleaner Packets (.5oz.)

      Measured packets of cleaner that dissolve in water and leave no dulling film; designed for cleaning surfaces such as marble and vinyl

      $88.49 $50.99

      24-Pack of Unisan 32oz. Plastic Bottles

      Plastic bottles with quantity graduations make it easy to get the right proportions when mixing concentrated cleaning formulas

      $35.76 $18.99

      24-Pack of Unisan 9.5" Standard Trigger Sprayers

      Attach these trigger sprayers to most 32 oz. bottles to easily mist cleaning fluids onto windows, desktops, and counters

      $21.69 $17.49

      Three-Piece Ginsu Nuri Colored Cutlery Starter Set

      The colorful nonstick coating on these knives make them easier to clean, improves their corrosion resistance, & lets them slice foods faster

      $20.29 $16.99

      Murphy's Oil Soap (6-Pack)

      Gentle oil soap cleans hardwood, leather, and tile with natural ingredients and no bleach or ammonia


      6-Pack of Magic Cleaning Eraser Sponge Melamine Foam Cleaner

      Eco-friendly sponge effortlessly removes dirt, scuffs, and stains from walls, floors, and surfaces with just water

      $15.99 $9.99

      Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (8 Bottles)

      Dependable, original-scent dishwashing liquid quickly cuts through grease and creates long-lasting suds for easier cleaning

      $61.09 $50.99

      Kimberly-Clark Wypall X80 Wipers; 160-Count Box

      Cloth-like wipes that are up to heavy duty tasks such as picking up metal shavings and cleaning rough surfaces

      $35.69 $23.99

      S.O.S. Heavy-Duty Scrubber Sponges (24-Pack)

      Thick sponges with wide, angled bodies are perfect for cleaning up spills, scrubbing away messes, and reaching into tight corners

      $27.09 $18.99

      Tilex Mold & Mildew Remover; 12-Pack of 16oz. Sprays

      Disinfectant spray keeps bathroom environments clean by killing 99.9% of household mold and mildew

      $42.93 $36.99

      Murphy's Oil Soap Orange Spray (6-Pack)

      Multiuse cleaner with 98% naturally derived ingredients safely cleans and shines wood


      Bounce with Febreze Meadows & Rain Dryer Sheets (9-Pack)

      Dryer sheets help to soften fabric, reduce static cling, and leave items with a fresh, clean scent


      Lysol Neutra Air Sanitizing Spray in Fresh Scent (12-Pack)

      Lysol's purifying formula attacks and kills up to 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria and leaves behind a clean, fresh scent

      $51.49 $34.99

      Finish Dish-Detergent Capsules (6-Pack)

      Capsules with three separated dish-cleaning agents, each formulated for specialized tasks and released at the right moment in the wash cycle


      Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleanser (12-Pack)

      Lemon-scented cleaning spray helps rid kitchen counters and appliances of grime while killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria


      Method Daily Granite Cleaner (8-Pack)

      Without using harsh chemicals, this plant-based formula cleans and boosts countertops' shine, leaving behind a pleasant apple-orchard scent


      Method Dish Soap Pump (6-Pack)

      Take aim at a dish or sponge with the convenient pump, create biodegradable suds, and clean dishes without hurting the environment


      Method Laundry Detergent Refill (6-Pack)

      Patent-pending plant-based cleaning formula uses naturally derived brighteners and cleaning enzymes to leave clothes colorful and clean


      Method Squirt and Mop Wood Cleaner (6-Pack)

      This plant-based, no-wax formula uses baking soda to polish away dirt and stains to leave wooden floors clean, shiny, and almond-scented


      50% Off Junk Removal Service

      Junk King

      Efficient crew recycles or donates most of the furniture, clothing, garbage, and debris it hauls away from homes, storage units, and offices

      $218 $109

      Rachael Ray Enamel-on-Steel 16.5" Roaster with Rack

      Steel roaster with easy-clean enamel plating cooks gorgeous leg of lamb, herbed pork loins, and crackly turkeys for special dinners

      $120 $42.99

      22" or 26" 2-Tier Chrome Dish Rack

      Rust-resistant two-tier chrome dish racks feature removable utensil holders and draining trays for easy cleaning and removal of excess water

      $40 $17.99

      Spring-Blooming Flower Bulbs

      Bulbs planted in the fall blossom into irises, hyacinths, and other colorful flowers in the spring and early summer

      $11.22 $8.99

      Contemporary Tufted Headboards from $119.99–$129.99

      Add understated elegance to any bedroom with the clean lines and button tufting of this rectangular headboard upholstered in faux leather

      $229.99 $129.99

      Ninja Three-in-One 6qt Slow-Cooking System

      Sear, simmer, and slow-cook recipes in a single device featuring triple-fusion heat and an easy-clean nonstick pot

      $159.99 $99.99

      Backless Swivel Wood Barstool

      Solid-wood swivel stools with a clean, lacquered finish give home bars and dining tables a classic style

      $129.99 $89.99

      10-Pack of Daffodil Geraniums

      Charming daffodil geraniums with multi-flowering clean white petals and orange cups; plant in beds or borders

      $9.99 $7.99

      Bearded Iris Rhizome 4-Pack

      Plant these four bareroot bearded iris rhizomes in the fall, which are guaranteed to grow for spring blooming

      $42.95 $14.99

      One or Two Personalized Hand Towels from Paper Concierge

      These soft, cotton terrycloth hand towels can be customized with a wide range of colorful patterns and your name or initials

      $29.95 $14.99