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    Soft-Sided Airline-Approved Travel Pet Carrier

    Airline-compliant pet carriers with soft sides, a removable fleece-lined travel bed, and ventilation to keep pets comfortable

    $79.95 $19.99

    1-Pound Naturally Harvested Antler Variety Pack for Dogs

    EcoKind Pet Treat elk antlers are eco-friendly & humanely sourced from naturally-shed antlers that stand up to aggressive chewing; 1 lb. bag

    $49.99 $26.99

    Tiger Tough Playgrounds

    Playgrounds with multiple platforms, cozy sleeping spots, scratching posts, and toys keep cats comfy and entertained while owners are away

    $79.99 $29.99

    Animal Planet Pet Feeder

    Make sure Fido or Mittens never miss a meal again with this battery-powered feeder, which allows you to set custom meal times and portions

    $69.99 $29.99

    Light-Up LED Dog Safety Collars

    Colorful collars designed with light-up LEDs help to keep dogs safe while on late-night walks; four modes include flashing and solid lights

    $19.95 $6.99

    Furhaven Quilted Pet Sofa Throw

    Portable throw rugs for pets keep hair from accumulating on sofas or car seats; foam center with quilted faux-fur cover

    $32.99 $12.99

    Super-Absorbent Indoor Puppy Pads (100ct.)

    Ultra-absorbent mat signals to dogs that it’s OK to go indoors and then gets rid of odors and bacteria for easy cleanup

    $62.99 $16.99

    Sherpa and Suede or Plaid Orthopedic Pet Beds

    Beds filled with medical-grade memory foam and water-resistant bottoms give older pets’ joints soothing relief

    $49.99 $16.99

    Beatrice Waterproof Dog Crate Pads

    Cozy pads with water-resistant exteriors allows pets to nap comfortably

    $25 $10.99

    100-Pack of American Kennel Club Puppy-Training Pads

    Highly absorbent pads with built-in attractants help housetrain young pups while protecting against leaks, tracking, and odors

    $79.99 $21.99

    Reversible Furniture Protector for Sofa, Love Seat, or Chair

    Reversible quilted velvet protectors work to keep sofas, love seats, or chairs safe from rampaging pets

    $79.99 $19.99

    High Shield Litter Box with Scoop

    A tall, removable shield helps keep litter from straying outside of this open-top litter box, which comes with a matching scoop

    $14.99 $11.99

    Puppy Potty Trainer, The Indoor Restroom for Pets

    Three-layer indoor potty-training system with nontoxic, odor-resistant synthetic grass helps pets develop proper bathroom habits

    $25 $14.99

    3-Piece Pet-Food Storage-Container Set

    Stackable containers with an airtight seal maintain pet food’s freshness, keep pests at bay, and are fitted with rollers for added mobility

    $45 $24.99

    Animal Planet Folding Wooden Pet Gate

    Three-paneled wooden gate keeps pets contained to a restricted domain; folding-design for easier storage and quick set-up

    $44.99 $29.99

    Comfort Control Dog Harnesses

    Attach leash to these harnesses, not to collar, during walk, and pup will feel less discomfort around neck when tugging at leash

    $19.95 $8.99

    (12 Pack) Everest Chews by Himalayan Dog Chew

    Everest dog chews for small to mid-sized dogs are longlasting, healthy, and help to maintain doggy dental hygiene

    $43.96 $19.99

    Elevated Pet Feeders with Airtight Storage

    Elevated feeders help pets chow down without straining muscles; includes both feeding bowls and airtight food storage below

    $21.99 $14.99

    US Army Seat Cover

    Let out a “hooah!” for clean seats with these Army-themed backseat covers, which protect leather or fabric from messy pets, kids, or gear

    $60 $16.99

    Animal Planet Auto-Motion Interactive Laser Pet Toy

    Laser toy gives pets something to chase for hours, with multiple light patterns and a manual mode; limit play with timer and auto shutoff

    $22.99 $12.99

    Deco O Mini or Large Aquarium

    Glass aquariums with lighting effects, an integrated air-filtration system, and decoration including gravel and a plant

    $90 $39.99

    18-Pack of 4" Bully Sticks Dog Treats

    Chewy sticks made from all-natural, grass-fed beef give pups a tasty reward while promoting gum and teeth health

    $49 $26.99

    Extra-Wide Pet Gate with Small Walk-Through Door

    Pet gate keeps animals out of off-limits rooms; included extenders fit most doors and entryways

    $89.99 $37.99

    89% Off an Accredited Online Animal-Psychology Course

    Holly and Hugo

    89% Off an Accredited Online Animal-Psychology Course

    Course teaches pet owners and people who work with animals how to relate, reduce undesirable behaviors, and improve environments

    $175 $19