Core Twist Abdominal-Trimming Foot-Reflexology Disc

Core-powered twisting motion burns calories and tones abs; board lined with magnets and massage beads relieves foot tension

$20 $12.99

Neck & Shoulder Massager with Shiatsu Massage Techniques

Wireless massager helps relax neck and shoulders by targeting key pressure points with shiatsu-inspired massage cycles

$199.99 $99.99

51% Off a Continuing-Education Course for Massage Therapists

Online CE Creditz

This 12-hour course covers topics such as Facebook and email marketing, deal-site promotions, and web presence for massage therapists

$80 $39

Milex XTRIM II Skin-Tightening Massage System

Body massage system emits up to 100 muscle impulses per minute to help tighten loose skin on problem zones

$70 $29.99

K-Swiss Unisex Vertical TBS Recover Shoes

Special formula EVA shoes have a special Vertical Tubing cushion system and a massaging footbed to cradle fatigued feet

$39.99 $34.99

EZ Four Pulse Massager

Four-pulse massager relieves aches and pains on the shoulders, back, neck, legs, or arms with one of five customizable programs

$59.99 $37.99

Muscle Therapy Massage Bar

Roll this long, grooved massage bar with handles across your back or other areas to relieve knots, boost circulation, and prevent injuries

$29.99 $16.99

EZ Beaded Massage Glove

Treat yourself or a partner to a soothing massage using this glove with 9 meticulously arranged beads and a 360-degree rotating surface

$14.99 $10.99

8-Pack of Compatible Replacement Toothbrush Heads

Replacement toothbrush heads fits several Sonicare models, including FlexCare and Diamond Clean, to remove plaque and massage gums

$42.72 $10.99

Aquagenix Chrome 24-Setting, 3-Way Combo Showerhead

Fixed and hand-held showerheads each feature five spray settings, allowing bathers to customize the jets from massage-strength to mist

$49.99 $14.99

HeatFreeze Arch Massager

Textured rolling massager helps relieve pain along the arch and heel; place in freezer or hot water beforehand for added therapeutic effect

$29.99 $12.99

Beaut Beauty Bar Facial Massager

Strong vibrating massager helps relieve muscle tension and draws blood to the surface for fresh, younger-looking skin

$199.99 $29.99

Wireless Hand Massager with Air Pressure and Heat Compression

A combination of adjustable air and heat compression gently kneads your hand, helping to relieve tension, stiffness, and pain

$149.99 $85.99

Sporto Women's Sport Thong Sandals

Sporty thong sandals for women keep feet comfortable with a massaging footbed

$29.99 $14.93

Tuscan Hills 6-Piece Scented Spa Sets

Soothing scented bath products help melt away stress, and the small wooden massager helps unwind kinks in the neck or back

$39 $13.98

Sea Kelp & White Volcanics Scrub (5.1 fl. oz.); 2-Pack

Massage this bubbling scrub over damp clean skin to clear away dry, rough skin anywhere on the body; Mediterranean-style ingredients

$81 $15.99

Human Touch AcuTouch Massage Chair

Robotic chair acts as a personal masseuse, with three-dimensional rollers kneading away aches and pains with one of eight massage programs

$4,799 $1,999.99

Sona Acupressure Massage Mat

Mat's textured discs stimulate acupressure points along the neck, shoulders, back, and hips, helping you undo tension and relax

$39.99 $29.99

2-Pack Cellulite Massage Cups

Silicone cups utilize principles of traditional Chinese medicine to help relax tense muscles and expunge toxins from target areas

$19.99 $9.99

Pure Therapy Waterproof Scalp Massager with Charging Base

Waterproof scalp massager provides deep tissue kneading and uses a portable and comfortable ergonomic design

$99.99 $55.99

Weider 18" Foam Roll and Exercise Chart

A 6"x18" foam roll guides exercisers into deeper stretches and yoga poses and can be used to self-administer a myofascial-release massage

$30 $14.99

2-Pack of Triflora Arthritis and Joint-Pain Gel

Massage this topical gel into aching elbows, knees, and shoulders to help rid pain associated with arthritis and tendinitis

$13.98 $11.99

Pair of Arm Slimmer Compression Wraps

During workouts, these nylon compression wraps help arms lose inches and cellulite by massaging the area and promoting detoxification

$49.95 $14.99

Chrome 5-Function Deluxe Twin Showerhead with Massager

Twin showerheads rinse soap away with 5 spray settings; 1 head converts to a handheld sprayer with a flexible 5 ft. stainless steel hose

$60.67 $13.99

Epiphany Body Massager

The lightweight design of this uniquely shaped massager makes it easy to administer therapeutic vibration to any spot from head to toe

$89.99 $24.99

Dermatouch Body Slimmer Kit

Rubber massager and 2-ounce bottle of cellulite cream pair up to target cellulite on hips, thighs, and bellies

$29 $15.99

Cellulift Taping Thigh Massagers

Compressive wraps give thighs a longer, leaner appearance with a static pressure that turns into a massaging action as you walk

$49.99 $16.99

Vibrotech Toning Belt

Vibrating belt's heated, oscillating massage action may help give stomach, thighs, and common problem areas a firmer, more toned appearance

$99 $49.99

6-Pack of Colgate Massaging Toothbrushes

Soft, multi-height bristles massage gums while expunging plaque and residue from hard-to-reach places; flexible head adapts to teeth

$17.94 $11.99

2-Night Stay at Pet-Friendly Cape Cod B&B

Lamb and Lion Inn

Cape Cod, MA (1753.5 miles)

Pet-friendly B&B with an outdoor saltwater pool and massage-and-yoga studio

$398 $225

Boutique Hotel in Playa del Carmen

BRIC Hotel

Playa del Carmen, Mexico (1350.2 miles)

Playa del Carmen boutique hotel with private terraces and a pool; steps from the beach

$209 $62

Private 4-Star Casitas in Costa Rica Jungle

Rio Celeste Hideaway Hotel

Costa Rica (2002.4 miles)

A 4-star eco-resort near famous sky-blue Rio Celeste and amid tropical jungle, with pool with swim-up bar, Costa Rican restaurant, and spa.

$917 $299

4-Star St. Lucia Villas amid Lush Rainforest

Stonefield Estate Resort

St. Lucia (2932.0 miles)

Secluded St. Lucia villas sit on a UNESCO World Heritage Site and face the Pitons, the island's iconic volcanic peaks

$2,260 $1,099