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      Up to 72% Off Group Fitness Classes

      Pinnacle Performance Institute

      Rosedale(7.2 miles)

      Fat burns through a medley of exercises that includes weightlifting, speed and agility work, and circuit and interval training

      $159 $49

      50% Off Classes at Mind-Body Exercise

      Mind-Body Exercise

      Bakersfield(1.8 miles)

      Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and bootcamp classes take place up to seven days a week; neither flexibility nor dance skills are required

      $150 $75

      65% Off Gym Membership

      Strength & Health Gym

      Bakersfield(0.8 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $100 $35

      Up to 58% Off Tennis Classes

      Cliff Drysdale Tennis at In-Shape Sport

      In-Shape: Laurel Glen (Bakersfield)(4.3 miles)

      Learn the fundamentals of tennis play with an introductory clinic or stay in shape with a tennis-influenced cardio workout

      $60 $25

      Up to 52% Off Zumba Classes

      My Dance and Fitness Studio

      My Dance and Fitness Studio(2.2 miles)

      Zumba classes combine a fast-paced, dance-based cardio workout with motivating Latin beats

      $30 $15

      Up to 70% Off Cardio Kickboxing Classes

      Next Step Crossfit

      Bakersfield(5.5 miles)

      Motivating staff includes police officers and certified instructors; multifaceted classes eschew the boredom of typical cardio workouts

      $99 $39

      45% Off Zumba Classes

      Dance And Tone With Lorrie

      Bakersfield(7.2 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $40 $22

      67% Off One Month of Fitness Classes

      The Training Ground

      Bakersfield(2.6 miles)

      Use your own bodyweight to slim down during these yoga, spinning, boot camp, and TRX suspension-training classes

      $150 $49

      94% Off Martial-Arts Classes


      Students don uniforms for classes in karate, tae kwon do, or krav maga

      $324 $20

      Up to 63% Off Bootcamp Classes


      Bakersfield(1.1 miles)

      Trainers run exercisers throught full-body calisthenics to help folks build lean muscle and burn calories

      $150 $59

      65% Off Fitness and Conditioning Classes

      Coombs Sport & Fitness

      Bakersfield(7.2 miles)

      High intensity, no contact, martial arts fitness class for men and women

      $40 $14

      64% Off Aerobics

      Dance And Tone With Lorrie

      Bakersfield(7.2 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $50 $18

      Up to 73% Off Group Exercise or Personal Training

      U R Ready Fitness

      Riverlakes ranch community park(4.5 miles)

      Work out one-on-one with trainer Yvonne, or grab a few friends for a small group training session

      $360 $99

      Up to 53% Off Gym Membership

      Strength & Health Gym Bakersfield

      Bakersfield(0.8 miles)

      Oldest fitness facility in Kern County continues to help members build muscle and shed weight

      $75 $40 Sale Ends 12/21

      70% Off Online Personal-Trainer Certification

      National Council for Certified Personal Trainers

      An online training manual and videos prepare students for the personal-trainer certification exam

      $495 $148

      65% Off Personal Training

      Daniel Church Personal Training

      Bakersfield(0.8 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $200 $70

      49% Off Personal Fitness Program

      Coombs Sport & Fitness

      Rosedale(7.2 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $99 $50

      45% Off Fitness and Conditioning Classes

      Muscle Confusion Fitness Studio

      Greenfield-Panama(18.3 miles)

      From the merchant: Four cross-training classes per week; classes available at 9 a.m., 5 p.m., and 6 p.m. Monday–Thursday

      $119 $65

      Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout Supplement with 20oz. SmartShake Bottle

      Pre-workout powder in flavors ranging from blue raspberry to strawberry margarita fuels explosive workouts

      $39.99 $29.99

      Jillian Michaels Workout DVDs

      Jillian Michaels–led workout DVDs let you focus on what’s most important to you, from losing weight to developing lean muscle

      $14.98 $6.99

      FitMiss Ignite Pre-Workout and Energy Booster

      Pre-workout energy supplement formulated specifically for women helps to boost endurance, delay muscle fatigue, and promote fat burning

      $49.99 $19.99

      45-Servings USP Labs Jack3d Advanced Pre-Workout Supplement

      45-serving container of a pre-workout supplement with caffeine for energy and special nitrate blast formula for muscle gains

      $52.99 $24.99

      30-Servings of Cellucor N-Zero Pre-Workout Supplement

      30 servings of N-Zero pre-workout supplement help fortify nitric oxide levels, aid fat loss, enhance vascularity, and support workouts

      $79.99 $29.99

      Women's Full Length Workout Pants in Assorted Colors (3-Pack)

      Stretchy, lightweight, and breathable full-length workout pants wick moisture to keep you dry and comfortable when you’re most active

      $55 $24.99

      Lecheek Hottie Women's Pre-Workout Supplement

      Pre-workout supplement formulated to help women lose fat, burn calories, and maximize their workouts

      $69.99 $14.99

      The Biggest Loser and Jillian Michaels Workout DVDs

      DVDs led by trainer Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels, and others each take a different workout approaches to help viewers lose weight

      $14.98 $6.99

      AEN PreSurge Pre-Workout Mix

      Patented ingredients like Creapure creatine and Neuravena help boost mental focus, moods, and workout performance

      $49.99 $15.99

      30 Servings of Healthy Body Nitric Oxide Pump Workout Supplement

      Preworkout blend of three nitric-oxide boosters may enhance blood flow for more intense workouts, as well as aid postworkout recovery

      $49.95 $9.99

      6-Pack of High-Rise Seamless Microfiber Workout Shorts

      These colorful fitted workout shorts flatter the figure and keep wearers comfortable with moisture-wicking, four-way stretch design

      $75 $20.99

      Vogo Zip-Front Women's Workout Jacket

      This deal is brought to you by ideel, Groupon’s fashion-forward sister site that features top designers & trends daily at up to 70% off.

      $48 $10.99

      Rocket Fitness Overall Body Workout Bands

      Stretch and tone muscles without straining joints; easily portable bands aid workouts during travel

      $39.99 $14.99

      Crunch 4-DVD Complete Pilates Workout Set

      4-DVD set of Crunch workouts that tone limbs and cores by combining Pilates with yoga; led by certified instructor Ellen Barrett

      $54.92 $14.99

      3-Pack of Jaxx 28oz. Shaker Cups with Free Workout Supplement...

      Fill the supplement holder with pre- and post-workout powders, then mix them when you’re ready with the leak-proof shaker bottle

      $35.96 $21.99

      Pussycat Dolls 2-DVD Workout Bundle

      Workouts designed by Pussycat Dolls creator and choreographer Robin Antin help burn fat and tone muscle with fun dance moves

      $30 $14.99

      Bally Capri Workout Leggings

      Work out in capri leggings that offer less coverage for greater breathability and a snug fit for comfort and versatility

      $50 $16.99

      ProMera Sports Women's Elite Pre-Workout Supplement

      Preworkout formula designed for active women helps promote fat loss and lean muscle growth while speeding up recovery and metabolism

      $39.99 $19.99

      5XL Creatine Workout Supplement

      Binder- and filler-free formula absorbs quickly to avoid bloating; helps develop lean muscle mass

      $39.99 $14.99

      Julianne Hough 2-Disc Workout Set

      Two-time Dancing with the Stars champ Julianne Hough leads a swinging series of dances to boost heart rates and help burn fat

      $19.98 $12.99

      32-Servings of ProMera Pump Extrem Pre-Workout Supplement

      Pre-workout drink mix designed to boost nitric oxide levels, in turn supporting vascularity, energy, and focus throughout training

      $59.99 $17.99

      Pump Igniter Pre-Workout Dietary Supplement

      Dietary supplement draws on HydroCarn and natural extracts to boost workout performance

      $27.99 $9.99

      12lb. Weighted Workout Ball

      Weighted workout ball with 42”-44” circumference supports crunches or pushups with soft-shell surface

      $69.99 $49.99

      Iron Pump Pre-Workout Supplements (30 Servings) with Pumping...

      Explosive pre-workout supplements designed for pump, vascularity, and energy; includes classic Pumping Iron documentary on DVD

      $49.99 $23.99

      26 Servings of Muscletech Platinum 100% ISO Whey Protein Supplements

      Microfiltered whey isolates that have had lactose, ash, and fat microfiltered out supply protein and BCAAs to help exercisers build muscle

      $49.99 $27.99

      20-Servings of Chimera Pre-Animate Pre-Workout Supplement

      Supplements work to boost muscle endurance and provide the body with more energy for strenuous workouts

      $34.99 $12.99

      Women's Pre-Workout X-Plosion Dietary Supplement

      When taken before workouts, this all-natural formula helps to boost stamina and delay fatigue for improved performance

      $29.99 $14.99

      iSatori PWR Pre-Workout Mix

      iSatori’s plant-based Red Dralion aims to intensify workout routines in a convenient one-scoop serving

      $45.99 $15.99

      Thermoshaper Women's Workout Capri Leggings

      Thermogenic material raises your body’s temperature, causing you to sweat more during exercise, which can lead to more weight loss

      $109 $49.99

      EVL ENGN Pre-Workout Supplement with Free Beanie; 30 Servings

      Powdered supplement helps boost energy, power, and focus during workouts

      $49.99 $29.99