Beacon Hill EZ-ON No-Hooks-Needed Fabric Shower Curtain

Water-repellent, full-size shower curtain goes up quickly with patented Hookless technology that snaps on to existing rod

$24.99 $12.99

Anti-Mildew PEVA Shower-Curtain Liner

PEVA shower-curtain liner has a sturdy, heavy construction that stays in place and won’t rip, and the material resists molds and mildews

$22.54 $9.99

2-Pack of Extra-Long PVC Shower Liners with Metal Grommets

Extra-long PVC shower liners have mildew-resistant designs that help to keep shower curtains cleaner; rustproof metal grommets

$24.99 $12.99

Dolce Collection 15-Piece Bath Set with Bath and Contour Rugs

Bath rugs and shower curtains add a splash of color and contemporary style to bathrooms with bold damask patterns

$37.69 $14.99

Pebbles 14"x27" Vinyl Bath-Tub Mat

Slip-resistant bath mats with pebbled designs help to prevent spills in the shower or tub while adding a stylish touch to bathroom decor

$15.99 $8.99

Carmen Crushed Voile Shower Curtain

Ruffled tiers decorate these shower curtains, which come in decorative patterns or solid colors, adding a romantic touch to bathroom decor

$34.99 $16.99

15-Piece Bath Set with Memory Foam Bath Rugs

Coordinated set adds color and a contemporary look to bathrooms with a matching shower curtain, two memory foam bath rugs, and hooks

$69.99 $19.99

Clear 5-Pocket Shower Curtain

Mold-resistant vinyl curtain keeps soap, moisturizers, and other bath products accessible in its five mesh pockets

$29.99 $14.99

Tour Eiffel Fabric Shower Curtain

Durable shower curtain with eye-catching portrayal of the Eiffel Tower against a pink sunset, adding a warm accent to bathroom decor

$24.99 $12.99

"Regal" Flocked Fabric Shower Curtain Set with Liner and Roller...

Sophisticated-looking 100% polyester shower curtains add a regal element to bathroom decor and come with steel roller hooks and shower liner

$29.99 $14.99

Riley Embossed Dobby Fabric Shower Curtain

Embossed microfiber dobby design gives these standard-sized shower curtains a stylish flair; made out of 100% machine washable polyester

$66.49 $10.99

"The Scream" Museum Collection Fabric Shower Curtain

Full 72” x 70” water-repellent shower curtain with rust-proof steel grommets depicts Edvard Munich’s masterpiece “The Scream”

$24.99 $13.99

"Tree of Life" Fabric Shower Curtain

Water-repellent shower curtain made of premium quality polyester has a bold, contrasting black and white “Tree of Life” print pattern

$24.99 $13.99

Moroccan Tile Printed Fabric Shower Curtain With Matching Roller...

Fabric shower curtain with a vivid Moroccan-style print comes with 12 metal roller hooks and adds a bright pop of color to bathroom decor

$29.99 $11.99

Floral Fabric 72"x72" Shower Curtains

Colorful, machine washable fabric shower curtain brings a touch of nature to your bathroom and features floral designs

$69.99 $14.99

Blossom Jacquard Shower Curtain

Shower curtain forms the focal point of your bath decor with a multicolored floral pattern over a grey background

$25.59 $11.99

Mildew-Resistant, Grommeted Fabric Shower-Curtain Liners

These polyester shower-curtain liners keep water off your bathroom floor with water-repellent fabric and a weighted bottom hem

$19.99 $9.99

Paisley and Medallions Printed Fabric Shower Curtain

Shower curtain with bold paisley and medallions print comes with coordinating roller hooks and adds a bright pop of color to bathroom decor

$24.99 $11.99

Mosaic Tile Print Fabric Shower Curtain with 12 Matching Roller...

Grey and yellow colors, in a floral-type tile mosaic, grace these chic print fabric shower curtains, which arrive with 12 matching hooks

$34.99 $12.99

Bold-Patterned Fabric Shower Curtains

Printed with bold designs, these 100% polyester fabric shower curtains give bathrooms a splash of eye-catching color

$69.99 $12.99

Geo Braid Printed Fabric Shower Curtain with Matching Roller...

Vivid geometric prints decorate these shower curtains, adding a pop of color to bathroom decor; comes with matching hooks for easy hanging

$34.99 $12.99

Gabriella 72"x72" Ruffle Bottom Shower Curtain

The classic look of these refined standard-sized shower curtains, which have subtle ruffles on the bottom, matches a wide range of bath sets

$39.99 $19.99

Margot Stripe Fabric Shower Curtain

Striped fabric shower curtains, made of 100% machine-washable polyester, pull from a gentle color palette to liven up bathrooms

$39.99 $12.99

Roxanne Shower Curtain with Rhinestones

Machine-washable shower curtains with rhinestone accents and deep eggplant and brick hues complement modern bathroom decor

$52.08 $12.99

Brookhaven Ombre Shower Curtain

Brookhaven’s 72” x 72” shower curtains bring added-allure to bathrooms with a colored ombre pattern

$39.99 $11.99

Chelsea Shower Curtain

Polyester shower curtains repel water, resist mold and mildew, and are designed with large florals and neutral-colored vertical stripes

$24.99 $9.99

Brookdale Embossed Dobby Shower Curtain

Colorful embossed dobby design shower curtains, in standard 72”x72” sizes, are made out of 100% machine-washable polyester

$66.49 $11.99

Ombre Leaves Design Embroidered Shower Curtain and Fingertip...

Beautiful shower curtain with a embroidered ombre leaf design comes with a pair of matching, super-soft fingertip towels

$39.99 $12.99

Leaf Print 13-Piece PEVA Shower Curtain Set with Hooks

PEVA shower curtain, with 12 roller hooks, have cute and contemporary leaf and butterfly patterns that add subtle charm to bathrooms

$38.99 $9.99

"Cologne" 14-Piece Flocked Fabric Shower Curtain Set

Cute floral patterns and poly-taffeta flocking adorn the exterior of machine-washable shower curtains that come with a vinyl liner and hooks

$29.99 $16.99

Waffle Weave Fabric Shower Curtain Set with PVC Shower Liner...

Stylish shower curtains made with a “waffle weave” design add texture to bathroom decor and come with a clear PVC liner and steel “C” hooks

$59.99 $16.99

Beacon Hill EZ-ON No-Hooks-Needed Fabric Shower Curtain

Water-repellent, full-size shower curtain goes up quickly with patented Hookless technology that snaps on to existing rod

$24.99 $13.99

Geneva 14-Piece Shower-Curtain Set with Liner and Hooks

Fabric shower curtain with a modern print comes with a waterproof vinyl liner and 12 easy-moving roller hooks

$29.99 $15.99

Jasmine Cut Leaves Polyester Fabric Shower Curtain

Bold colors and a leaf-textured border add a contemporary touch to these fabric shower curtains, which brighten up bathroom decor

$29.99 $15.99

Animal Print PEVA Shower Curtain

Standard-sized shower curtain pairs the functionality of waterproof, 100% PEVA material, with an eye-catching animal print pattern

$19.99 $8.99

EZ On Bristol 70"x75" Fabric Shower Curtain

Without needing hooks, this fabric shower curtain hangs from its built-in PVC grommets and helps prevent water from splashing on the floor

$29.99 $14.99

"Balmoral" Embroidered Shower Curtain, Liner and Roller Hook...

Neutral, solid colors make a machine-washable, embroidered shower curtain easy to integrate into bathroom decor; includes liner and hooks

$24.99 $13.99

Harlequin EZ On Fabric Shower Curtain

Wavy designs decorate water-resistant shower curtains that snap easily onto rods with flat-top rings

$24.99 $14.99

Reversible 72"x72" Hitchcock Rugby Stripe Shower Curtain

Shower curtain injects color and energy into bathrooms with a reversible striped pattern and a clear window at the top that lets light in

$19.99 $5.98

"Fairfield" EZ-ON No-Hooks-Needed Fabric Shower Curtain

Water-resistant and machine-washable, the fabric shower curtain has a patented Hookless design that doesn’t require additional rod rings

$26.99 $14.99

Monte Carlo 13-Piece Microfiber Shower Curtain Set with 12 Resin...

Fabric shower curtain, made out of 100% machine-washable polyester, comes with matching curtain hooks that complement its floral design

$52.99 $13.99

Dani Fabric Shower Curtain

This fabric shower curtain enhances existing bathroom decor with a stunning, yet simple design; 12 button holes ensure easy hanging

$68.99 $9.99

Abott Peek-a-Boo Stitching Shower Curtain

Fabric shower curtain with a bold floral print and reverse pleat stitching adds bright pop of color to bathroom decor

$54.99 $12.99

72"x72" Floral Jacquard Shower Curtain

Add a touch of style to your bathroom with this machine-washable, jacquard shower curtain, which is emblazoned with a vibrant daisy pattern

$25.59 $11.99

Flower Garden 13-Piece PEVA Shower Curtain Set

Shower curtain made of PEVA material hangs from 12 roller hooks and adds to your bathroom decor with a cheerful floral pattern

$38.99 $9.99 Custom Photo Shower Curtain

Custom 69”x70” shower curtain features one single image or a collage of 6–150 photos arranged in 1 of 100 different shapes

$149.99 $49

68"x71" Custom Photo Shower Curtain from MailPix

Upload family portraits and vacation snapshots and design a personalized collage that MailPix will print on a standard-size shower curtain

$125 $49.99

Aquagenix Slimline 3-way Mega-Rainfall and Handheld Shower Combo

Luxury shower system with fixed & handheld shower heads summon a downpour of water that can be customized with five different spray settings

$89.99 $29.99