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Brown Contoured Memory Foam Pet Lounger with Taupe Trim

Pet lounger filled with comforting memory foam creates soothing surface for pets with joint issues, arthritis, or discomfort to rest on

C$199.99 C$69.99

Animal Planet Pet Feeder

Make sure Fido or Mittens never miss a meal again with this battery-powered feeder, which allows you to set custom meal times and portions

C$184.79 C$59.99

89% Off an Accredited Online Animal-Psychology Course

Holly and Hugo

89% Off an Accredited Online Animal-Psychology Course

Course teaches pet owners and people who work with animals how to relate, reduce undesirable behaviors, and improve environments

C$175 C$19

Extra Large Wire Dog Play Pen with Removable Roof

Play pen with removable mesh roof and a large sliding access door gives dogs enough room to lounge on their beds or drink from water trays

C$201.59 C$149.99

Felted Handle Pet Bed Cuddler with Patterned Ivory Fur Interior

Comfy bed gives small to medium dogs of all ages and breeds a cozy place to nap and rest; perfect for dogs with arthritis or joint issues

C$119 C$49.99

Animal Planet Automatic-Flow Pet Water Fountain

46 oz. reservoir encourages cats or dogs to lap up never-stagnant water from the ever-bubbling spigot

C$80.66 C$39.99

Memory Foam Orthopedic Pet Crate Mats

Soft and plush orthopedic memory foam pads take the pressure off elderly pets’ joints as they lie in their crates

C$199.99 C$39.99

Corduroy Round Cave Pet Bed with Sherpa Interior

Corduroy pet bed with a cave and soft sherpa interior creates a soothing surface for pets with joint issues, arthritis, or discomfort to nap

C$79.99 C$59.99

Non-Shock Anti-Bark Collar

Collar uses ultrasonic frequency vibration to help discourage disruptive barking

C$27.99 C$19.99

1-Pound Naturally Harvested Antler Variety Pack for Dogs

These hardy dog chews are humanely sourced from elk roaming the American West, and stand up to even aggressive chewing; 1 lb. bag

C$49.95 C$29.99

Reversible Furniture Protector for Sofa, Love Seat, or Chair

Reversible quilted velvet protectors work to keep sofas, love seats, or chairs safe from rampaging pets

C$64.99 C$29.99

Pet Car Protectors

Protects vehicles’ interiors from dogs’ slobber, dirt, and fur with durable, easy-to-clean fabrics

C$49.70 C$19.99

Pet Grooming Table

Sturdy, static-free grooming table provides a platform for trimming and clipping pets up to 100 lbs; security strap keeps pets safe

C$129.99 C$99.99

Tufted Corduroy Cuddler Bed in Dark Chocolate, Coffee, and Charcoal

Partial walls of these tufted, cuddler-style pet beds make them a comfy place for pups to snooze, especially those with joint pain

C$99.99 C$49.99

Home Accents Extra Wide Walk-Thru Pet Gate

Cast-iron gate with wood accents keeps children and pets contained in safe areas, and can be opened with a single adult hand

C$89.99 C$59.99

Seek-A-Treat Twist a Bone Pet Toy Puzzle

Encourage dogs to get the mental stimulation they need with this puzzle toy, which rewards success with hidden treats

C$38.16 C$24.99

Wooden Cat Hideaway House

Attractive wooden cover fits over litter boxes and cat beds to help conceal messes while giving cats privacy

C$212 C$69.99

5-in-1 Deluxe Pet Carrier with Wheels

Tote small dog or cat around town in any situation, as carrier can convert to car seat, shoulder bag, and more

C$111.99 C$49.99

8-Pack of 3 Oz. Cranberry Cabernet Cat Treats

Cat treats made with real cranberries are designed to appeal to pets’ taste buds with rich flavor while also providing health benefits

C$51.84 C$29.99

ZenDog Calming Compression Shirts

Help keep nervous dogs calm with these compression shirts, which gently apply pressure to their bodies without hindering their movement

C$37.99 C$22.99

Indoor/Outdoor 4-Panel Pet Playpen

Four-panel playpens made from sturdy molded plastic, with enough space for training, exercising, and playing with pets indoors or outside

C$69.99 C$59.99

Waterproof Bench Seat Pet Cover

Blanket seat cover creates a waterproof, dirt-proof, dirt-proof barrier between your pet and the backseat of your car

C$62.93 C$49.99

Animal Heaven Waterproof Luxury Pet Seat Protector

Durable, waterproof seat cover lets you tote your pup along in the car without worrying about stains or fur marring the upholstery

C$72.79 C$29.99

Go Pet Club Polyester Pet Cot Beds

Polyester cots give pets a comfy, breathable spot to nap while keeping them off hot decks in the summer or cold tile floors during winter

C$89.99 C$69.99