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      50% Off Basketball Skills Sessions

      XrossOver Academy Houston

      Westwood (12.7 miles)

      Knowledgable coaches teach players fundamentals that improve all-around skills, for anyone ages 6-21

      $90 $45

      76% Off Fat Furnace Boot Camp

      Abba Fitness

      Houston (3.5 miles)

      The brand-new facility’s motivational boot camp helps participants to burn calories with up to three classes per week

      $80 $19

      Up to 78% Off Boot-Camp Classes

      Athletic Body Mechanics

      Southbelt/ Ellington (15.8 miles)

      Boot-camp classes incorporate cardio, strength, and flexibility training alongside nutritional guidance and progress reports

      $150 $39

      Up to 72% Off Boot-Camp Classes at CORE Health & Fitness

      CORE Health & Fitness

      Louetta Rd (20.4 miles)

      Boot-camp sessions help clients burn fat, build muscle, and get fit

      $100 $29

      Up to 87% Off at Fit Body Boot Camp

      Fit Body Boot Camp

      FBBC Houston (3.0 miles)

      Trainers lead groups through cardio and strength-training exercises designed to boost caloric burn during and after workouts

      $123.50 $29

      Up to 85% Off Boot-Camp Classes


      Multiple Locations (15.0 miles)

      Exercising indoors and outside, group classes perform cardio and strength-training exercises designed to dramatically transform physiques

      $150 $29

      Up to 79% Off Personal Training or Boot Camp

      Spring Fitness - Magnolia

      Magnolia (35.1 miles)

      Personal-training sessions or boot-camp classes whip exercisers into shape and help them achieve their fitness goals

      $275 $59

      79% Off Unlimited Boot-Camp Classes

      Pro Fit Houston

      Houston (16.8 miles)

      Students of all fitness levels participate in FIT Camps in a huge, outdoor workout facility

      $247 $52

      65% Off Boot-Camp Classes


      Houston (4.5 miles)

      60 minutes of standard head-to-toe calisthenics workouts enhanced with plyometrics

      $200 $70

      Up to 63% Off Boot-Camp Classes

      Focus Fitness

      Houston (4.3 miles)

      Boot-camp classes help clients lose weight, gain muscle, and feel more confident

      $150 $59

      81% Off Unlimited Boot-Camp Classes

      The Next Level

      League City (23.7 miles)

      Boot camp includes ladder runs for agility, sit-ups for core strength, and kettlebell and battle-rope exercises for upper-body conditioning

      $150 $29

      Up to 76% Off Boot Camp or Group Training

      Phat Body Gym

      Stafford (15.7 miles)

      Whether in boot camps or one-on-one sessions, the trainer concocts unique combinations of exercises to help clients reach their goals

      $250 $59

      69% Off at Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp

      Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp

      Multiple Locations (19.8 miles)

      Expert female instructors lead one-hour, full-body workouts designed to trim and tone; meal plan includes healthy recipes

      $159 $49

      Up to 71% Off at Health Mind Body

      HMB Bootcamp

      Multiple Locations (19.6 miles)

      Designed for weight-loss, this boot-camp program designed by personal trainer, hapkido black belt, and army veteran Hugh Boggs

      $174 $50

      Up to 72% Off Bikini Boot Camp

      Aerobifit Fitness

      Memorial (13.7 miles)

      Boot-camp sessions build endurance, flexibility, and strength at stations with free weights, medicine balls, and other equipment

      $105 $45

      56% Off Boot-Camp Classes

      Star Fit Texas

      Richmond (26.9 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $50 $22

      Up to 57% Off Four or Eight Weeks of Boot Camp

      The Women's Health and Fitness Center

      Stafford (15.7 miles)

      Trainers tone bodies with circuits of combined weight and cardio training

      $75 $35

      Up to 81% Off Boot Camp, Classes, and Meal Plan at Fit Brigade

      Fit Brigade

      Stafford (14.8 miles)

      Instructors motivate exercisers of all fitness levels through scalable, non-military workouts

      $79 $15

      Up to 79% Off Boot Camp and Meal Plan for One or Two

      New Warrior Fitcamp

      Gulfton (7.8 miles)

      Experienced trainer, Sincere Hogan, helps clients put on fat-burning lean muscle, and builds long-term meal plans to help folks shed pounds

      $135 $59

      Up to 72% Off Boot-Camp Classes


      Oyster Creek Park (18.2 miles)

      45- to 60-minute boot-camp classes combine strength training with such exercise components as jump ropes and hand weights

      $50 $15

      50% Off Fitness Classes

      Shape Fitness USA

      Sharp Physiques Fitness (4.7 miles)

      Try out a range of fitness classes, from core workouts that build abs to cycle classes to muscle-sculpting kickboxing classes

      $70 $35

      Up to 76% Off Cardio or Boot-Camp Classes at The Kung Fu School

      The Kung Fu School

      Houston (12.8 miles)

      Seasoned martial artists and US veterans lead students through intense cardio workouts with punching bags

      $100 $29

      50% Off Fitness Classes and Boot Camp

      Kaia F.I.T. Katy

      Katy (23.3 miles)

      Women's only boot camp and fitness program offer nutritional guidance and foster whole-body fitness in varied, indoor classes

      $159 $79

      70% Off Conditioning

      Katy Fit Body Boot Camp

      Katy (23.2 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $165 $50

      Up to 69% Off Boot-Camp Classes at Spark Fitness Bootcamp

      Spark Fitness Bootcamp

      Multiple Locations (15.7 miles)

      Trainers lead exercises designed to burn up to 1,000 calories during one-hour classes that students can attend up to seven times a week

      $112 $37

      Up to 86% Off Boot Camp

      Silverback Elite Fitness Boot Camp

      Multiple Locations (6.5 miles)

      Instructors shout encouragement during 60-minute sessions designed to enhance cardio strength & promote fat loss

      $180 $30

      73% Off Boot Camp at Next Level

      Next Level

      League City (23.7 miles)

      Trainers combine cardio, speed, balance, core, and resistance training into one boot-camp-style workout

      $225 $60

      73% Off Boot-Camp Classes

      Morf Bootcamp

      Grady Park (6.5 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $250 $68

      Up to 69% Off Four-Week Boot Camp

      Houston Area Adventure Boot Camp

      Multiple Locations (2.1 miles)

      Shed sweat and abandon boredom with constantly changing exercise regimens conducted in seven of Houston's outdoor spaces

      $180 $69

      Up to 78% Off One Month of Boot-Camp Class

      Coach Andersons Fitness Camp

      Crenshaw Park (13.8 miles)

      Outdoor boot-camp sessions blend muscle toning, cardio, ab workouts, and body-weight exercises

      $100 $25

      Up to 75% Off Boot Camp and Gym Access

      Power Fitness Studio

      Tomball (27.1 miles)

      Trainers motivate clients through functional fitness workouts

      $200 $59

      $10 for Roller-Derby Boot Camp

      South Side Roller Derby

      Pearwood Skate Center (17.2 miles)

      Weekly classes with exercises for speed-skating, agility, and roller-derby conditioning; all necessary gear included

      $65 $10

      Up to 88% Off at Boot Camp with Dameian

      Boot Camp With Dameian

      Multiple Locations (16.4 miles)

      One-hour outdoor classes incorporate kettlebells, plyometric boxes, and ropes to tone muscles

      $80 $10

      65% Off Boot Camp

      Teagen Rose Fitness

      Los Angeles

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $180 $63

      Up to 78% Off Physical with Optional EKG

      Spring Family Physicians

      Willowbrook (17.2 miles)

      Physicians check kids' health and wellness to ensure they are fit for athletics, camp, or school

      $85 $19

      88% Off Online Job Application Training

      Get Hired Boot Camp

      Ten easy-to-follow online lessons teach job applicants how to spruce up their resume, crush interviews, and land the job of their dreams

      $797 $99

      Up to 72% Off Fitness Boot Camp

      Original SEAL PT Course

      Memorial Park (4.7 miles)

      Trainers with Special Forces background lead clients with little to no fitness background through extreme workouts

      $69 $19

      Up to 76% Off Boot-Camp Classes in Cullen Park

      Get Fit Boot Camp

      Cullen Park (20.4 miles)

      Instructors lead body-sculpting boot-camp workouts in scenic Cullen Park

      $120 $29

      Up to 90% Off Boot-Camp Classes

      Be Ready Fit

      Multiple Locations (20.7 miles)

      Boot-camp instructors help students gain control over their bodies with time-tested guided exercise techniques

      $240 $29

      Up to 80% Off Texas Outlaws Roller Derby

      Texas Outlaws Roller Derby

      Alvin (23.3 miles)

      Beginners learn the basics of roller derby with provided gear; games are BYOB

      $50 $10

      Up to 64% Off at Supreme Fitness Houston

      Supreme Fitness Houston

      Quail Valley (13.5 miles)

      Certified trainers help boot campers boost fitness with heart-pumping classes, or create custom workouts during personal-training sessions

      $150 $59

      65% Off Boot Camp

      Unlocked Fitness

      Houston (13.0 miles)

      Reach your full fitness potential with this fast, fun boot camp designed to tone your body for the summer

      $144 $50

      Up to 93% Off at Mean Green Boot Camp

      Mean Green Boot Camp

      Multiple Locations (2.1 miles)

      Chris Green and staff of certified trainers lead students through high-intensity workouts to torch fat, tone muscle, and boost confidence

      $605 $55

      Whetstone 2-in-1 Tent LED Camping Ceiling Fan

      Eighteen LED units and a two-speed fan run independently or simultaneously; hook for hanging as a lantern or base for propping up the fan

      $29.99 $14.99

      70% Off Boot-Camp Classes

      Space City Nutrition

      League City (23.5 miles)

      From the merchant: RAIN OR SHINE come join a group of energetic people & get your sweat on INDOORS OR OUTDOORS! Kids are always welcome!

      $133 $40

      Up to 80% Off Martial Arts Classes and Summer Camp

      Leaders For Life Martial Arts

      Columbia Memorial Business Park (25.4 miles)

      Martial arts instructors teach groups of students empowering self-defense techniques and lead children's summer camp sessions

      $80 $19

      Up to 58% Off from Texas Boot Camp Fitness

      Texas Boot Camp Fitness

      Multiple Locations (2.1 miles)

      Certified trainers tighten male and female physiques with body-weight moves, weightlifting, runs, and resistance drills

      $129 $64

      Up to 54% Off at Northgate Country Club

      Northgate Country Club

      Houston (19.2 miles)

      Experienced coaches help kids hone their tennis skills

      $99 $49