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LifeProof Waterproof Cases for iPhone 5/5S and Samsung Galaxy...

Without adding much bulk, these waterproof cell phone cases protect from drops, dust, snow, and more

$79.99 $29.99

Hybrid Rugged Case for iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s, 5c, 6, or Galaxy S5

Cell-phone case’s hard outer layer protects your smartphone from scratches, and a soft inner layer absorbs shock from drops

$29.99 $6.99

Waloo Light-Up Protective Case for iPhone 5/5S, 6, or 6 Plus

These cell-phone cases’ LED bumpers light up during calls, texts, and emails, and their dual-layer design keeps devices safe from scratches

$39.99 $8.99

Lenmar Apple-Certified iPhone 5/5s Charging Case

Plug your iPhone into one of these cases to keep it protected from drops and scratches while charging its battery

$119.99 $19.99

Aduro Impact Shield Case for iPhone 5/5S or 6

Slip your iPhone into this slim protective case and its reinforced corners protect the smartphone from accidental drops

$29.99 $6.99

Wallet with Removable Case for Apple iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and 5/5s

Faux-leather wallet cases that combine the convenience of having essentials in one spot and the ability to detach the phone in its case

$34.99 $9.99

Armor-X Smartphone Cases

Durable cell phone cases absorb shock to keep devices protected; kickstands and belt clips help you enjoy movies and photos on the go

$34.99 $9.99

Bumper Case for iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S/5C, 6, or Samsung Galaxy S5

Keep your phone free of dents and scratches with this durable bumper case, which guards the edges and back without adding too much bulk

$24.99 $5.99

Mophie Helium Battery Case for iPhone 5/5S or Samsung Galaxy...

Prevent your phone from dying mid-call with the flip of a switch on this battery case, which provides up to 80% additional charge

$79.95 $24.99

Mota Extended-Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s, 6, and 6 Plus

A durable, slim case protects iPhone devices; the built-in battery extends standby time up to an additional 300 hours

$99.99 $29.99

Custom Case for iPhone 5/5s, 6, or 6 Plus

Cell phone case adds personality to your iPhone with colorful images of loved ones or scenic landscapes

$39.99 $7.99

Wallet Case for iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S, 5C, or Samsung Galaxy S5

Consolidate space in purses and bags with this cell-phone case, whose interior pockets hold credit cards and cash

$26.99 $7.99

iPhone Wallet Case by Press Play

Keep all your essentials in one spot while protecting your smartphone with these slim wallet cases, which can hold up to six credit cards

$29.99 $7.99

Speck SmartFlex Shine Case for iPhone 5/5s

Sleek cell phone cases boast brilliant color and a metallic sheen, as well as raised edges that deflect cracks and scratches

$35 $11.99

Hybrid Case for iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s, 5c, or Samsung Galaxy S5

Dual-layer cell-phone cases keep devices protected from accidental drops and scratches; lightweight and cut to fit each model

$29.95 $7.99

Groupon Exclusive: Sirene Filigree iPhone 5/5s, 5c, 6, or 6 Plus...

Soft shock-absorbing cell-phone case protects your smartphone from drops and scratches while showcasing an intricate, eye-catching pattern

$35 $11.99

iPhone 5/5S Battery Case

Cell phone case protects your iPhone 5/5s while up to doubling its use between charges thanks to a 2000mAh external battery

$99.99 $29.99

GabbaGoods Ultra Sleek Slim Fit Case for iPhone 5/5S

This svelte yet durable polycarbonate case protects iPhones from impacts and scuffs without adding much bulk or weight

$29.99 $17.99

Tricolor Wallet Case for iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s, 5c, 6, or Galaxy...

2-in-1 faux leather cell-phone case and wallet stores your smartphone, cards, and cash, and its bold colors reflect your personality

$15.99 $6.99

Damask Vintage-Pattern Hard Case for iPhone or Samsung Galaxy

Hard-shell cell phone cases protect iPhone or Samsung Galaxy devices while adorning them with vintage-inspired charm

$29.99 $7.99

eyn Storage Case for iPhone 4/4s or 5/5s or Samsung Galaxy S4

Durable polycarbonate cases protect smartphones from damage and store credit cards, cash, and a small mirror within a hidden compartment

$29.99 $6.97

Prolix Protective Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s, 5c, or 6

MFi-approved cell-phone case more than doubles the battery life of your smartphone while protecting it from scratches, scuffs, and dings

$39.99 $29.99

Groupon Exclusive: Hello Kitty iPhone Cases

Cell-phone cases show a love for Hello Kitty with colorful graphics, and they help protect smartphones from scratches and dings

$39.99 $19.99

uNu Aero 2,000mAh Battery Case with Wireless Charging for iPhone...

Apple-certified battery case adds up to 10 hours of talk time, and it recharges with either the included USB cable or wireless charging mat

$99.99 $39.99

Wallet Case for iPhone

Colorful flip-cover smartphone cases protect iPhones from daily wear and tear and hold cash and cards in their multiple inner pockets

$29.99 $7.99

iPM Camouflage Real Tree Rugged Case for iPhone 5/5s/5c or 6

Durable cell-phone cases protect against scratches and damaging drops and add a fun look to iPhones with their colorful tree imagery

$49.99 $7.99

Gear Beast GearJelly Flexible Case for iPhone 5/5s or 6, or Galaxy...

Colorful cell-phone case helps prevent screen damage thanks to a raised bezel, and a soft finish enhances grip for texting and taking photos

$19.99 $7.99

Assorted Protective Cases for iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S or 5C

Cell phone case shields your iPhone with tough polycarbonate material, adorned in colorful patterns such as chevrons and the American flag

$29.99 $7.99

Speck CandyShell Case for iPhone 5/5s

Rubberized inner layer and hard outer shell protect iPhones and fold back to let them dock without being removed from the case

$34.95 $12.99

Otterbox Defender or Commuter Case for Apple iPhone 4/4S or 5/5S

Otterbox cases for iPhones help protect against nicks, drops, and other damage with the robust Defender design or slimmer Commuter model

$59.90 $24.99

DC Superhero Clip Case for iPhone 5/5s

These polycarbonate cell-phone cases clip onto iPhones to protect them from drops and scratches; officially licensed DC superhero logos

$29.99 $7.99

uNu 2,300mAh iPhone 5/5s Battery Case and Holster with Kickstand...

Cell-phone case with screen protector and headphone adapter adds up to 120% battery life, and holster’s kickstand allows hands-free viewing

$99 $39.99

Aduro Eclipse Case for iPhone 5/5S

Impact-resistant case with a double-layer design protects iPhones from drops, scratches, and other damage

$29.99 $9.99

MARQUEE Ultra-Slim Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 5/5s by PRESS...

This stylish, faux-leather case cradles iPhones while providing plenty of space to stow cash and credit cards

$39.99 $9.99

Two-Tone Brushed Metallic Hard Case for Apple iPhone 4/4s or...

Form-fitting cell-phone case protects your smartphone with its polycarbonate shell, and the metallic finish lends a sleek, industrial look

$34.99 $7.99

Okay, But First Coffee Black Phone Case for iphone 4, iphone...

Okay, But First Coffee Black Phone Case for iphone 4, iphone 5, iphone 5C, iphone 6, iphone 6 plus, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, …

$21.99 $14.24

Groupon Exclusive: Sirene Animal-Pattern iPhone 5/5s, 5c, or...

Cell-phone case’s soft shock-absorbing shell protects your smartphone from drops, and its playful animal pattern reflects your personality

$35 $11.99

Veho SAEM S7 Case with 8GB USB Drive for iPhone 4/4s or 5/5s

Cell-phone case’s integrated USB drive makes it easy to keep important files with you, and its soft rubber material enhances grip

$49.95 $7.99

Groupon Exclusive: Sirene Floral Case for iPhone 5/5s, 6, or...

Cell-phone case’s soft shock-absorbing shell protects your smartphone from drops, and its colorful floral pattern reflects your personality

$35 $11.99

Loop Mummy Case for iPhone 5/5S or 5C

More than just stylish, the mummy-esque bands on the back of this case double as a wallet, securing credit cards or folded cash

$24.95 $10.99

Case Logic Protective Gunmetal Case for iPhone 5/5S

Colorful cell phone cases provide access to the screen and all ports of the iPhone 5 or 5S while protecting against scratches and dents

$29.99 $9.99

Shabby Chic Silicone Cases for iPhone 5/5s

These cases add style and protection to your iPhone with vintage floral patterns and a durable layer of silicone

$49.95 $8.99

Woodchuck Real Wood iPhone 5/5s Cases. Made in the USA.

Cell phone cases crafted from sustainably sourced real wood and designed to keep iPhones safe with complete 360º protection

$49.99 $15.99

OtterBox Armor Series Case for iPhone 5

Ultradurable case from the popular phone-protection brand keeps devices safe from water, dust, drops, and crushing force of up to 2 tons

$99.95 $14.99

Gear Beast GearShield Case for iPhone, Galaxy, or Nexus Smartphones

Two-piece cell-phone case combines an integrated screen protector and back cover to protect nearly every surface of your smartphone

$24.99 $9.99

Griffin Midtown Bi-Fold Wallet Case for Apple iPhone 5/5s/5c

Folio-style cell-phone case with flip cover stores cards and cash alongside your smartphone, and its smooth lining helps prevent scratches

$44.99 $19.99

Silicone Distressed Flag Cases for iPhone 4/4s or 5/5s

Represent your home state with one of these silicone iPhone cases, which feature distressed state flag designs on a metal back plate

$34.95 $7.99

Bumper Case for iPhone 5/5S/5C with Two-Pack Front Screen Protectors

Keep your phone free of dents and scratches with this durable bumper case, which guards the edges and back without adding too much bulk

$24.99 $7.99