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      Aduro PowerUp 3.1-Amp Dual-USB Car Charger

      Dual-port car charger with a 1-amp USB port designed for charging smartphones, and a 2.1-amp USB port designed for charging tablets

      $29.99 $7.99

      Prolix 3-Port 5.1A USB Car Charger

      Charge mobile devices such as smartphones, iPads, MP3 players, and digital cameras with charger’s 1-, 2-, and 2.1-amp USB ports

      $19.99 $9.99

      iHip Jigsaw USB Wall Charger with Pass-Through AC Outlet

      Get more from your AC outlets with this USB wall charger, which lets you charge two USB devices simultaneously without blocking the outlet

      $24.99 $8.99

      iCover Universal 2.1-Amp Dual USB Car Charger

      Y-shaped car charger lets you rapidly recharge one device with a 2.1-amp output, or charge two devices simultaneously with 1-amp outputs

      $20 $6.99

      MOTA 6-Port High-Speed USB Desktop and Wall Charger

      Charge up to six mobile devices simultaneously, including Apple iPhones and iPads, as well as Samsung and Android smartphones and tablets

      $79.99 $21.99

      Fashion-Printed Micro USB Charger

      Printed designs add whimsy to these chargers, which keep smartphones, tablets, and e-readers with Micro USB charging ports charged up

      $29.99 $8.99

      Delton 2.1 Amp Dual-Port USB Travel Charger

      Charge two USB devices at once with this tiny travel charger, which has foldable prongs that won’t snag items when packed in suitcases

      $24 $9.99

      Urge Basics Dual-Port USB 3.0 Car Charger

      Recharge your smartphone and tablet simultaneously while you’re on the road by plugging them into the dual USB ports of this car charger

      $14.99 $8.99

      Delton CORE 2.1-Amp Dual-Port USB Vehicle Charger

      Car charger’s dual USB ports recharge up to two mobile devices at once while driving, such as smartphones, tablets, and MP3 players

      $19.99 $7.99

      UNU AX Series Universal USB Car Chargers

      USB hubs plug into vehicle DC outlets to quickly charge three mobile devices at once, including iPhones, digital cameras, and MP3 players

      $29.95 $9.99

      USB Wall Chargers

      Plug this compact charger into wall outlets to quickly power USB powered devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and MP3 players

      $19.99 $7.99

      GEMS Dual USB Car Charger

      Charge up to 2 devices while driving; 2.1-amp port for larger devices such as tablets, 1-amp port for smaller devices such as smartphones

      $14.99 $7.99

      iHome Micro-USB to Lightning-Port Adapter

      Use this tiny adapter to power up and sync Apple devices with Lightning ports, such as the iPhone 5 and 6 and the iPad Air

      $19.99 $14.99

      MOTA High-Speed 3-Port 5.1-Amp USB Car Charger for Tablets and...

      Simultaneously recharge up to three mobile devices that support up to a 2.1-amp output, including Apple, Android, and Samsung devices

      $19.99 $9.99

      Goodyear Dual-USB Car Charger

      Keep GPS units, phones, and MP3 players powered during road trips with this dual-port charger, which can charge 2 devices simultaneously

      $19.99 $9.99

      Merkury 3.1-Amp Dual-Port USB Car Chargers

      Connect one or two phones or tablets with your USB cords for on-the-go car charging; 1-amp port for smartphones, 2.1-amp port for tablets

      $29.99 $8.99

      Delton 2.1A micro USB wall Charger

      Quickly charge two devices at once with this USB wall charger, which has a 2.1A USB port and a built-in 6ft micro USB cable

      $29.99 $9.99

      Xentris Micro USB Vehicle or Wall Charger

      Quickly charge micro USB devices, such as Android smartphones and tablets, at home or on the road with one of these compact 500mA chargers

      $14.99 $5.99

      AT&T USB Wall Chargers

      USB wall chargers with compact cube design and foldable prongs; 1 or 2.1 amp chargers

      $17.99 $7.99

      Naztech 3-in-1 Dual-USB Charger with Lightning 8-Pin Cable

      A perfect companion for road trips or during flight delays, this charger powers devices via wall or car outlets or USB ports

      $39.99 $24.99

      Aduro Apple-Certified 3-, 6-, or 10-Foot Lightning-to-USB Cable

      Quickly charge Lightning-compatible iPhones, iPads, and iPods from any USB port with these Apple-certified cables

      $19.99 $9.99

      Merkury Innovations 10 Ft. Tangle-Free Braided Fabric Micro-USB...

      Dual-sided braided fabric cord connects micro-USB devices to computers to sync info, charge, and transfer data

      $29.99 $6.99

      3D Luxe 10 Ft. 3.0 or Micro USB Charge and Sync Cable

      Made of colorful, durable braided fabric, this cable connects micro USB devices to chargers and computers for speedy syncing and charging

      $29.95 $7.99

      3D Luxe 10 Ft. Tangle-Resistant USB Cable for iPhone 4/4s

      10 ft. USB cable charges iPhones, iPads, and other 30-pin devices and boasts a flat design that resists tangles

      $29.95 $6.99

      iHome Apple-Certified 5ft Lightning Cable

      Keep your iPhone or iPad charged and up-to-date with this Apple-certified Lightning cable, which syncs data with your computer via USB

      $19.99 $9.99

      Veho Pebble Smartstick+ 2800mAh Portable Battery for Smartphones

      Compact, portable battery charger clips onto backpacks and refills smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices with included USB cables

      $59.95 $19.99

      Aduro 10 Ft. Braided Fiber Cloth Micro-USB Cable

      10’ tangle-resistant braided cable charges and syncs micro-USB-compatible phones and tablets

      $29.99 $4.99

      Apple-Certified 3.3ft. Lightning-to-USB Charge and Sync Cable

      Tangle-resistant cables charge depleted iPhone, iPod, and iPad batteries; sync iTunes libraries when connected to a laptop or tablet

      $24.99 $9.99

      iHip Apple-Certified 5ft. 30-Pin Fabric USB Cable

      Fabric-covered cable supports charging and syncing of 30-pin Apple devices such as iPhone 4/4s and iPad 1st through 3rd generation

      $24.99 $8.99

      Aduro 10' Flat Line Charge & Sync Cable in Single or Twin Pack

      Flat, tangle-resistant 10-foot cables charge and sync devices with micro-USB connectors encased by metal shielding

      $29.95 $4.99

      Aduro 10 Ft. Fiber Cloth Pattern Cable for Micro-USB Devices

      Because they’re made with cloth, these cables won’t tangle while they charge or sync any micro USB device

      $29.99 $4.99

      3D Luxe 10 Ft. 3.0 or Micro USB Charge and Sync Cable

      Made of colorful, durable braided fabric, this cable connects micro USB devices to chargers and computers for speedy syncing and charging

      $29.95 $6.99

      Aduro 10 Ft. Fiber Cloth Pattern USB to 30 Pin Cable

      Because they’re made of cloth fibers, these cables won’t tangle while they’re charging iPads, iPhones, or iPods with 30-pin connectors

      $29.99 $5.99

      USB to 30-Pin Braided Charge and Sync Cables

      Built with a braided cover that resists annoying tangles, these USB cables charge and sync 30-pin devices when hooked up to a laptop

      $29.99 $6.99

      Aduro 10' Flat Line 30-Pin Charge/Sync Cable for iPhone, iPad,...

      Flat, tangle-resistant 10’ cable charges and syncs select Apple devices; 30-pin and USB 2.0 connectors with metal shielding

      $29.99 $4.99

      iCover 30-Pin Braided Charge and Sync USB Cable for iPhone 4/4s

      Cable for charging and syncing 30-pin Apple mobile devices, such as iPhone 4/4s or iPad 2 and 3, with a flat shape that resists tangling

      $20 $5.99

      iHip Three-Piece Apple-Certified Lightning Home and Car Charging...

      This kit keeps your iPhone charged no matter where you are, with a 5ft Lightning cable and USB chargers for household and vehicle outlets

      $44.99 $19.99

      Sound Logic XT Virtually Indestructible 3ft. Micro USB Cable

      Cable’s ultra-strong nylon construction stands up to being stuffed bags, tossed on desks, and used as nest material by bald eagles

      $29.99 $12.99

      Delton 3-in-1 Charging Kit with Micro-USB Cable

      Keep your phone, iPod, or tablet charged during long road trips with this kit, which includes a cable for powering micro-USB devices

      $29.99 $11.99

      Aduro 3ft USB to Lightning Cable

      Reach distant USB ports with this 3ft cable, which connects Lightning-equipped Apple devices to computers for syncing and charging

      $39.99 $11.99

      Naztech N420 TRiO Car Charger

      Car charger’s dual USB ports and attached micro USB cable charge up to three smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices simultaneously

      $29.99 $16.99

      Aduro PowerUp USB 3.0 Charge and Sync Cable for Samsung Galaxy

      Use these lengthy USB 3.0 cables to power up your Samsung Galaxy device while syncing its content

      $29.99 $6.99

      Mota Apple-Certified 3, 6, or 10 Ft. Lightning Cable

      Certified Lightning-to-USB 2.0 cables let users charge and sync any Lightning-compatible Apple device to a Mac or PC

      $24.99 $9.99

      Sugar & Babe 3.5ft Micro USB and 30-pin Cables

      Charge and sync your tablet, smartphone or 30-pin Apple device with one of these colorful cables, which plug into any USB port

      $29.99 $7.99

      IJOY Mini 2.1-Amp Car Charger

      These slim, unobtrusive chargers transform car outlets into USB charging ports for compatible smartphones, tablets, and other devices

      $19.99 $8.99

      Argom Tech 4-Port USB Hub or Universal Card Reader

      Four-port USB hub connects up to four USB-powered devices at once, and universal card reader replaces separate card adapters

      $32.98 $9.99

      iEnjoy MyBolt 2,600mAh Portable USB Battery Charger

      Pocket-sized USB charger gives mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and e-readers up to 40 more hours of battery life

      $49.99 $9.99

      Neptor 2800mAh and 5600mAh Battery Charger for Smartphones and...

      Compact battery chargers slip neatly into purses or pockets; dual-port charger powers two devices simultaneously

      $24.99 $12.99