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      47% Off Massage or Reflexology

      Lion & Dragon Yoga Bodyworks

      Lexington-Fayette(2.3 miles)

      Therapists invoke relaxation with Swedish massages and reflexology, as well as Thai massages, which incorporate stretching techniques

      $65 $35

      53% Off Deep-Tissue or Swedish Massage

      Take A New Approach Health & Wellness Center

      Deerfield(2.3 miles)

      From the merchant: Deep-tissue work allows your muscles to release tension and toxins, and it aids in restoring your body’s natural balance

      $75 $35

      Up to 60% Off Massage and Classes at Stream Point Wellness

      Stream Point Wellness

      Deerfield(2.4 miles)

      Massages help decrease tension and aid in working through muscle knots; group classes help you continue your positive work

      $80 $39

      48% Off Massage or Reflexology

      Lion and Dragon Yoga Bodyworks

      Lexington-Fayette(2.3 miles)

      Therapists invoke relaxation with hot stone massages as well as Thai massages, which incorporate stretching techniques

      $75 $39

      49% Off Deep-Tissue Massage

      Take A New Approach Health & Wellness Center

      Deerfield(2.3 miles)

      From the merchant: Deep tissue work allows your muscles to release tension and toxins to aid in restoring your body to its natural balance

      $75 $38

      Up to 56% Off Swedish or Shiatsu Massage

      Koichiro Nakanishi at Stream Point Massage

      Lexington(2.4 miles)

      Using five basic strokes, therapists knead away tension during Swedish massage or they use shiatsu pressure to improve energy flow

      $80 $35

      Up to 66% Off Body Wraps at Ziyan Salon & Spa

      Ziyan Salon & Spa

      Lexington-Fayette(2.7 miles)

      Body wrap moisturizes, softens, and purifies skin; a hot-stone massage diffuses heat into areas of concentrated tension

      $69 $29

      Up to 57% Off Therapeutic Massages

      Absolute Haven Massage

      Lexington Therapy(3.8 miles)

      Professional massage therapist helps ease muscle pain and tension with half-hour or hour-long sessions that use varying degrees of pressure

      $65 $29

      Up to 45% Off Massage

      All For You Salon & Spa

      Winchester(16.7 miles)

      Swedish, deep-tissue, hot stone, and prenatal massage modalities can target various issues and relieve tension

      $60 $33

      Up to 55% Off Deep-Tissue or Swedish Massage

      Jason Bui at Mosaic Massage Center

      Lexington(3.8 miles)

      Certified massage therapist relieves tension and improves circulation with 60-minute Swedish and deep-tissue massages

      $110 $49

      55% Off Swedish Massage

      Tranquility Wellness Center

      Frankfort(24.1 miles)

      From the merchant: Tranquility W.C. offers relaxation massage to help clients reach a more comfortable and relaxed state of being within.

      $60 $27

      Up to 61% Off Massages

      Mystc Spirit Healing

      Lexington(1.7 miles)

      Therapist alleviates tension with targeted bodywork including trigger point therapy, reflexology, myotherapy, and pressure therapy

      $75 $35 Sale Ends 1/29

      83% Off Vibration Therapy at Vibrate For Health

      Vibrate For Health

      Muscles in the whole body rapidly contract as patients stand on a vibrating platform during five 10-minute sessions

      $175 $29

      72% Off Chiropractic Care at ChiroMassage Centers

      ChiroMassage Centers

      Chiropractors inspect overall health and then perform a treatment to help relieve pain; 60-minute massages further ease pain and tension

      $175 $49

      Up to 50% Off a Month of Yoga

      Balance Massage And Yoga Studio

      Nicholasville(10.3 miles)

      Ashtanga flow, Vinyasa, gentle yoga, and other styles designed to restore energy to the body while relaxing and rendering other benefits

      $60 $30

      Digital Pulse Massagers or 10-Pack of Adhesive Massaging Pads

      Using nonslip silicone adhesive pads, these digital massagers pulse at different intensities to relieve weary shoulders, feet, and backs

      $425 $39.99

      Chrome 5-Function Deluxe Twin Showerhead with Massager

      Twin showerheads rinse soap away with 5 spray settings; 1 head converts to a handheld sprayer with a flexible 5 ft. stainless steel hose

      $60.67 $16.99

      Pinook Stimulating and Vibrating Head Massager

      Head massager relieves stress, increases circulation, and releases endorphins by stimulation 14 acupressure points

      $29.99 $14.99

      PurePulse Electronic Pulse Massagers

      Electronic pulses of customizable style and intensity penetrate deeply into muscles to help relieve symptoms of chronic pain or stress

      $49.99 $24.99

      Eye Buddy Vibrating Eye Massager

      This lightweight massager with memory-foam lining rests comfortably atop eyes, emitting gentle vibrations to reduce strain and dark circles

      $25 $13.99

      Magic Wand Massager

      Handheld massager works to relieve muscle tightness on the neck, shoulders and other areas of the body using powerful vibration

      $89 $29.99

      Foot Dr. Wide Gel Massaging Arch Sleeves

      Sleeve for those with flat feet or fallen arches helps prevent plantar fasciitis and is ideal for those who spend all day on their feet

      $29.99 $12.99

      18" Massage Therapy Roller Stick

      Flexible rod with six massage wheels makes it easy to relieve stress and tension from wearied muscles with its trigger-point-like action

      $59 $23.99

      Earthly Body 3-in-1 Suntouched Massage Candle

      Made almost entirely of naturally moisturizing oils, these candles release a soothing scent as the melted balm is massaged into skin

      $15.99 $10.99

      Accupulser Pro Massager

      Portable massager uses 36 gold-plated electrodes to deliver customizable levels of electronic stimulation that can reduce muscle pain

      $99 $24.99

      Vibrating Back Massage Pillow

      Tailor made to fit lower backs, this vibrating cushion provides comfy support and soothes strained muscles with two massage speeds

      $46 $14.99

      Eye Care Massager

      Easy-to use eye-care massager with 9 massage modes helps to alleviate dark circles and eye pouches and prevent myopia

      $42 $19.99

      2-Pack Cellulite Massage Cups

      Silicone cups utilize principles of traditional Chinese medicine to help relax tense muscles and expunge toxins from target areas

      $19.99 $9.99

      GoFit GoBall Therapeutic Massage Ball on a Rope

      Massage system provides targeted pain relief to hard-to-reach areas such as shoulders and glutes; ball has perfect density, no-slip surface

      $29.99 $17.99

      Remedy Vibrating Foot Massager

      As tired feet rest atop this device’s soft, stretchy cover filled with micro-beads, the massager eases aches with two vibration settings

      $46.99 $21.99

      Sona Acupressure Massage Mat

      Mat’s textured discs stimulate acupressure points along the neck, shoulders, back, and hips, helping you undo tension and relax

      $39.99 $21.99

      24-Karat Gold Beauty Bar Facial Massager by Pearle

      Strong vibrating massager helps relieve muscle tension and draws blood to the surface for fresh, younger-looking skin

      $199.99 $29.99

      GoFit Trigger Ball2 Double Massage Ball

      Dense, no-slip rubber balls on a sturdy cord help relieve muscle knots and soreness when used against a wall or on the floor

      $29.99 $24.99

      GoFit 13" Extreme Massage Foam Roller with Training Guide

      Foam roller covered in firm bumps gives a kneading massage when rolled under back or legs, working trigger points and stretching soft tissue

      $49.99 $32.99

      Wireless X-Trim Pulse Massager

      Compact wireless massager uses electromuscle stimulation technology to contract muscles and uses three pulse modes

      $39.99 $14.99

      GoFit Extreme Massage Bar

      Stash this massage bar into gym bags to loosen up muscles before and after workouts; helps reduce nagging soreness and increases flexibility

      $34.99 $25.99

      Prospera Penguin Percussion Massager

      Ergonomic handheld massager delivers infrared heat and up to 3,000 pulses per minute to soothe tired muscles

      $49.99 $24.99

      TheraCane Massager

      Cane-shaped massage stick with multiple rounded nodes helps you apply a trigger-point-like massage almost anywhere on your body

      $47 $32.99

      12-Pack Aim Massage Pro Toothbrushes

      Extra-soft massaging bristles help bolster health of teeth and gums while keeping them clean

      $24 $9.99

      Pure Therapy Waterproof Scalp Massager with Charging Base

      Waterproof scalp massager provides deep tissue kneading and uses a portable and comfortable ergonomic design

      $99 $49.99

      Dr. Splendid MagiTouch Ionic Facial Massager

      Facial massager harnesses ionic technology to enhance the potential of facial creams to penetrate deeper into the skin for a fresher look

      $39.99 $19.99

      Full Body Cellulite Eliminating Massager

      Handheld device may help reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks when used for just 10 minutes per day

      $79 $47.99

      Wireless Hand Massager with Air Pressure and Heat Compression

      A combination of adjustable air and heat compression gently kneads your hand, helping to relieve tension, stiffness, and pain

      $149 $79.99

      2-Pack Acupressure Massage Pens

      In addition to writing smoothly, these pens feature a top-end massage roller that relieves minor aches

      $29.99 $10

      Mini All-Purpose Personal Massagers (3-Pack)

      Battery-operated mini massagers are powerful enough to relax away aches and pains but small enough to fit comfortably in your palm

      $66 $19.99

      IQ Pulse Massager II, Belt, or Slippers

      Compact device sends electronic pulses into muscles to simulate soothing effects of massage; accessories aid lower back and feet

      $44.95 $10.99

      evoDerma PRONECK Massager

      Portable massage device for your neck oscillates between heat massage, vibrating massage, and low frequency electric impulse massage

      $149 $89.99

      Pure Therapy Head and Eye Massager

      Head and eye massager soothes craniums with infrared-heat compression, calming audio, and massage nodes

      $199.99 $99.99