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    Light-Up LED Dog Safety Collars

    Colorful collars designed with light-up LEDs help to keep dogs safe while on late-night walks; four modes include flashing and solid lights

    $19.95 $6.99

    Up to 53% Off Dog Daycare or Boarding

    Happy Hounds

    Up to 53% Off Dog Daycare or Boarding


    Fully insured, 24-hour staff supervises dogs as they play off-leash in outdoor & indoor areas or snooze slumber-party style

    $40 $20

    3-Piece Pet-Food Storage-Container Set

    Stackable containers with an airtight seal maintain pet food’s freshness, keep pests at bay, and are fitted with rollers for added mobility

    $45 $24.99

    Comfort Control Dog Harnesses

    Attach leash to these harnesses, not to collar, during walk, and pup will feel less discomfort around neck when tugging at leash

    $19.95 $8.99

    Elevated Pet Feeders with Airtight Storage

    Elevated feeders help pets chow down without straining muscles; includes both feeding bowls and airtight food storage below

    $21.99 $14.99

    89% Off an Accredited Online Animal-Psychology Course

    Holly and Hugo

    89% Off an Accredited Online Animal-Psychology Course

    Course teaches pet owners and people who work with animals how to relate, reduce undesirable behaviors, and improve environments

    $175 $19

    Companion Gear Super Scooper

    This scooper with an extra large bucket, toothed edge, and telescoping handle that extends up to 3-ft. make cleaning up doggie waste a cinch

    $22.99 $9.99

    Universal Stainless Steel Clip-On Pet Dish

    Light and durable clip-on stainless steel pet bowl easily affixes to wire-framed cages or kennels to facilitate easy access to food or water

    $19.99 $5.99

    Up to 55% Off At-Home Pet Allergy Assessment


    Up to 55% Off At-Home Pet Allergy Assessment

    Pet owners collect and mail in saliva and hair samples, which lab techs then analyze for 175 environmental and food allergies

    $87 $45

    GrillerZ Meaty Beef Bone 4-Pack

    Natural, high-protein dog treats made from a combination of bone and natural meat cuts, and slow-roasted for maximum flavor

    $12.65 $8.99

    Buffalo Inner Horn Cores

    Dogs get plenty of time chewing on relatively soft buffalo inner horn cores, high in calcium and safer than rawhide or deer antlers

    $49.95 $24.99

    3-Pack Ultra Puppy Wipes

    Alcohol-free pre-moistened wipes clean muddy paws and coats, keeping pups smelling fresh and looking shiny

    $14.99 $10.99

    Vanish 140-Sheet Twin Pack Pet Hair Roller

    Two rollers, each with 70 sheets of durable, pre-cut crepe tape, quickly pick up pet hair and lint from clothing and furniture

    $14.73 $4.99

    RBX Retractable Leash with LED Light

    Retractable leash gives pets more room for exploring during walks; LED light boosts visibility in darkness or bad weather

    $34.99 $14.99

    2-Pack of Bobbi Panter Natural Puppy Shampoo

    Concentrated, salt-free formulas with ingredients such as lemongrass and milk protein keep dogs’ skin and fur healthy

    $33.98 $14.99

    Silver Tails Infrared Pet Massager

    With a combination of massage and therapeutic heat, this device helps soothe sore muscles and joints in elderly dogs or cats

    $39.99 $22.99

    12-Pack of USA-Made Beef Pizzle Dog Chews

    Beef pizzle satisfies dogs’ natural urge to chew; high in protein and ideal for dogs with allergies

    $80 $19.99

    Coleman Pet Carrier

    Comfortably tote small pets in this lightweight nylon carrier, which features grab-and-go handles and folds flat for easy storage

    $28.68 $21.99

    25-Pack of Pig Ears for Dogs

    Natural pig ears make a tempting and delicious treat for dogs that’s high in protein and recommended by veterinarians

    $39.99 $22.99

    Vanish 25-Sheet Adhesive Cleaning Roller with Odor Elimination

    Remove pet hair and lint quickly and easily with this extendable cleaning roller, which also helps eliminate odor

    $19.99 $12.99

    44% Off Pet Care

    Regan Greene, DVM-Veterinary Acupuncture

    44% Off Pet Care

    Discussion of patient history, physical exam, and first acupuncture treatment.

    $90 $50

    American Kennel Club Holiday Dog Sweaters

    Make sure your four-legged friend looks and feels snug and cozy in winter weather with these adorable holiday-themed knit sweaters

    $28.99 $12.99

    Airtight Pet Food Storage Container with Wheels

    Large pet food containers with caster wheels keep kibble fresh with snap-tight buckle-secured airtight seals

    $34.99 $17.99

    4-Wheel Pet Stroller

    Pet stroller keeps small animals safe while getting some fresh air and exploring the town

    $134.95 $59.99

    Adirondack Chair Pet Feeder

    Wooden feeder channels the outdoors with an adirondack-chair-shaped design; comes with removable stainless steel bowls

    $100 $22.99 Sale Ends 03/08

    LazyBonezz Dog Accessories

    Collars embellished with skulls and spikes, shearling-lined harnesses, and leashes for pooches of all sizes

    $34.99 $5.99

    Night Bright LED Safety Dog Collar, Bright Blue, with 3 Flashing...

    Night Bright LED Safety Dog Collar, Bright Blue, with 3 Flashing Modes, for Medium Sized Dogs 25-70lbs.

    $29.99 $15

    Bach Pet Rescue Remedy, 1-Count

    Bach Pet Rescue Remedy, 1-Count

    $25.48 $16.21

    Automatic Motion Sensor Pet Dish

    Automatic Motion Sensor Pet Dish

    $39.99 $6.99

    Beneful Dry Dog Food, Original, 15.5-Pound Bag

    Beneful Dry Dog Food, Original, 15.5-Pound Bag

    $54.99 $47.27

    Beatrice Waterproof Dog Crate Pads

    Cozy pads with water-resistant exteriors allows pets to nap comfortably

    $25 $10.99

    NFL Football and My Dog Wooden Signs

    These weathered-effect wooden signs let friends and houseguests know what makes you happiest: your NFL team and your loyal pooch

    $19.99 $12.99

    18-Pack of 4" Bully Sticks Dog Treats

    Chewy sticks made from all-natural, grass-fed beef give pups a tasty reward while promoting gum and teeth health

    $49 $26.99

    Gnawsome Light Up and Squeak-Ball Dog Toys

    Keep your pooch fit and entertained during games of fetch with these squeaker balls; durable, one-piece construction

    $14.99 $4.99

    Plush Cozy Dog Beds

    These faux-fur-lined beds have a memory foam interior that conforms to pets’ shapes, helping to keep the pressure off of aching joints

    $32.99 $14.99

    NFL Classic Dog Tag Necklace

    Show dedication for your favorite NFL team with these pendants, which come emblazoned with team logos

    $14 $7.99

    Big Sky Natural Split-Antler Dog Chews

    Natural, organic dog chews made from split antlers offer a more durable and splinter-free alternative to bones

    $14.99 $8.99

    Large Comfortable Dog Beds (22"x27")

    Cozy dog beds immerse pets in plush fabric to help them stay warm and rest easy

    $69.99 $26.99

    3-Pack of Water and Chew-Resistant Dog Toys

    Set of 3 durable, chew-resistant dog toys made to endure fetching, tossing, and tugging

    $30 $12.99

    Iconic Pet Interactive Dog Toys

    Interactive games challenge pets’ minds by making them look for treats; keeps pets active and entertained

    $26.99 $11.99

    1- or 2-Year Subscription to Animal Magazines

    Delve into the minds of your favorite felines or canines with these pet-centered magazines, which feature helpful tips and articles

    $16 $8

    PAW Memory Foam Dog Bed with Removable Cover

    Dog bed with duplex foam construction, removable cover, and nonskid backing; small, medium, or large sizes

    $50 $22.99

    Giclee Dog Portrait Prints on Enhanced Matte Paper

    Dean Russo’s vibrant and fun pet art giclee prints bring smiling faces of different dog breeds to life on archival-quality matte paper

    $75 $24.99

    Gorrrrilla Rubber Dog Toy

    Rubber dog toy made of resilient rubber features a hollow center ready to be stuffed with dog treats for a more mentally stimulating snack

    $9.99 $7.99

    Small Dog Play Pen

    Play pen for small dogs and puppies is easy to transport and can scale to give growing play space to growing pets

    $59.99 $39.99

    Grillerz 11" Wrapped Bronto Bone Dog Chew

    Slow-roasted Bronto Bones clean dogs’ teeth and freshen their breath as they chew

    $13 $7.99

    iLove My Dog Cases for iPhone 5/5s

    Cell phone case gives your iPhone three-sided protection while displaying affection for your favorite dog breed

    $29.99 $6.99

    GrillerZ Bag o' Bones Dog Bones

    These tasty dog bones, made from real pork and beef parts here in the USA, go down smoother than rawhides while promoting dental health

    $25.58 $12.99