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    Up to 84% Off Laser Hair Removal

    Ultimate Vein Care

    East Louisville (6.5 miles)

    Technicians wield laser energy to halt the growth of unwanted hair on a variety of areas

    $800 $129

    Up to 87% Off Laser Hair-Removal Treatments

    MedShare Health & Wellness Centers

    Louisville (12.4 miles)

    Technicians target follicles with laser light to remove unwanted hair and help inhibit its regrowth

    $450 $99

    Up to 86% Off Laser Hair Removal

    Corbett Cosmetic Surgery

    East Louisville (13.4 miles)

    Technicians use lasers to target and remove unwanted fuzz from nearly anywhere on the body

    $500 $105 Sale Ends 9/20

    Up to 80% Off Laser Hair Removal

    BodyRx Louisville

    Valley Station (10.0 miles)

    Over the course of six treatments, aestheticians destroy follicles in various growth phases to render skin permanently smooth

    $600 $119

    Up to 84% Off Laser Spider Vein Removal

    Cosmetic Laser and Beauty Spa

    East Louisville (13.6 miles)

    Noninvasive lasers choke unsightly veins, which gradually fade from view about 5–10 days after treatment

    $598 $119

    Up to 77% Off Body Light Laser Lipo Treatments

    Slimco of Louisville

    Louisville (7.9 miles)

    LED light helps drain fat cells during laser-lipo treatments, targeting deposits in hard-to-tone areas such as the waist, hips, and thighs

    $250 $99

    Up to 90% Off Laser Hair Removal

    Premier Laser Spa of Louisville

    East Louisville (11.3 miles)

    Certified technicians discourage hair growth by targeting the follicle with the LaserFast system

    $1,064 $159

    Up to 73% Off Fractional-Laser Treatments

    Ageless Medical Weight Loss and Medspa

    Louisville (10.3 miles)

    Nonablative fractional-laser treatments combat wrinkles, scars, and other skin imperfections with minimal downtime

    $500 $179

    Louisville Lifestyle Medicine – Up to 90% Off Vein Reduction

    Louisville Lifestyle Medicine

    East Louisville (16.9 miles)

    An Alma Harmony Elite laser creates a beam of light that penetrates skin tissue to reduce the appearance of veins with therapeutic heat

    $700 $106 Sale Ends 9/20

    Up to 79% Off Laser-Lipo Sessions

    Dynamic Health Care Weight Loss Clinic

    East Louisville (12.1 miles)

    Laser-lipo treatments, aided by whole-body-vibration sessions, work to remove stubborn fat deposits and contour physiques

    $275 $99

    Up to 57% Off Laser Hair Removal

    Splendid Skin Medspa

    East Louisville (10.7 miles)

    The certified staff performs laser treatments wherein beams target hair to eradicate one area of unwanted fuzz

    $300 $129

    Up to 67% Off Laser Acne Treatments

    MedShare Health & Wellness Centers

    Louisville (12.4 miles)

    Waves of pulsed light destroy acne-causing bacteria on the skin, preventing future breakouts

    $200 $69

    Up to 78% Off Glo Therapeutic Facial Chemical Peels

    Ageless Center

    Louisville (10.2 miles)

    Peels may improve skin by shedding the outer layer of cells to reveal younger, smoother skin less affected by wrinkles, sun damage, or acne

    $175 $39

    Up to 84% Off LipoLaser Sessions

    Aubrey Medical LipoLaser

    East Louisville (7.9 miles)

    Noninvasive Lapex BCS LipoLaser penetrates the skin with laser light, targeting fat cells

    $999 $184 Sale Ends 9/20

    Up to 75% Off Laser Skin Tightening

    Cosmetic Laser and Beauty Spa

    East Louisville (13.6 miles)

    Certified laser technicians reverse the aging effects of gravity with noninvasive laser skin-tightening treatments

    $300 $89