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50% Off Crazy Dash Digital Adventure

Crazy Dash Digital Adventures - Memphis, TN

50% Off Crazy Dash Digital Adventure

New Pathways

With smartphones in hand, adventurers explore Memphis answering questions, solving puzzles, and performing goofy tasks to gain points

$40 $20

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

Lightweight filter turns river water into safe drinking water by removing E. coli, salmonella, giardia, and other nasty elements

$24.95 $19.99

Multicolor LED Bike-Wheel Lights

Multicolor LED wheel lights with built-in light and motion sensors increas biker visibility at night and during bad weather

$14.50 $5.99

Up to 52% Off a Half-Day Whitewater-Rafting Trip

Adventures Unlimited

Up to 52% Off a Half-Day Whitewater-Rafting Trip


Beginner and experienced rafters navigate Class III and IV rapids in 14 ft. self-bailing rafts with help from guide

$59.95 $29

2-Pack of Silicone LED Bicycle Lights

Set of two extra-bright LED lights attach to most handlebars, seat posts, and frame tubes with an integrated clip

$30 $6.99

Stainless Steel Cord-Wrapped Survival Knife with Fire Starter

Ideal for camping, hunting, or survival kits, this survival knife comes with cord wrapping on the handle and a fire starter for emergencies

$11.24 $9.99

3-Way Powered Solar Lantern with Cell Phone Charger

120-lumen outdoor lantern can run on solar power, batteries, or a DC charge, and features a USB port to charge phones at

$89.99 $14.99

Survival Knife with Survival Kit and Sheath

Besides the 6.75” blade with a serrated back, this knife helps you beat the elements with a five-piece survival kit hidden in the handle

$59.99 $15.99

Kelty Backpacks and Waist Packs

Daypacks come with a range of features in order to carry everything for a daily commute, backpacking adventure, or afternoon bike ride

$54.95 $29.99

Front and Back 5-LED Bicycle Lights

LED bike lights with quick-release mounts help cyclists stay visible to passersby and drivers under any conditions

$34.99 $6.99

Folding Knives or Knife-and-Headlamp Set

Quick-deploying knives with stainless steel blades and safe locking mechanisms, with an optional full-strap LED headlamp

$11 $7.99

Gear Beast Bicycle, Golf Cart, & Stroller Universal Smartphone...

Cradle safely secures mobile devices to bike and stroller handlebars and can rotate 360° for ideal viewing; installs quickly and easily

$29.99 $9.99

Skateboards and Decks

Vividly decorated skateboards, longboards, and decks from Hang Ten, Airwalk, Flameboy/Wet Willy, D6 Sports, Tony Hawk, and Shaun White

$129.99 $59.99

Whetstone Matrix Stainless Steel Folding Knife

Folding knife with a partially serrated blade is a verstaile tool for camping, hiking, and fishing trips

$28.99 $7.99

LED Bicycle Wheel Lights (2-Pack)

Bright LED lights screw into tire valves to make wheels glow, helping improve visibility and safety during nighttime rides

$14.95 $5.99

Colorful Fire Environmentally Friendly Multi-Colored Fire Packets

This safe, clean additive makes typical yellow fireplaces and campfires burn with brilliant red, green and indigo flames

$15.98 $9.99

Lifestraw Family 1.0 Outdoor Water Filter

Water filter designed to remove 99.99% of bacteria and supply a family of five with drinkable water for up to three years

$89.95 $44.99

Kelty Cosmic 35º Sleeping Bag

Kelty 35 Degree Mummy Style Sleeping Bags

$115 $49.99

Gerber Crucial Multitool and Iris Flashlight Bundle

Multipurpose stainless steel tool includes a blade, screwdrivers, pliers, and a wire cutter; LED flashlight is water and impact resistant

$50 $24.99

Up to 64% Off at Aero Academy International

Aero Academy International

Up to 64% Off at Aero Academy International


Training with a pilot preps novices for a one-hour flight lesson; sightseeing tour grants aerial views of Jackson City and Pringles Park

$355 $179

Padded Cycling Shorts

A padded posterior helps cushion riders against hard bike seats and lessens next-day soreness

$49.99 $14.99

4-Pack of Motion-Activated LED Valve-Stem Lights

Screw-on LED lights illuminate car and bicycle wheels during nighttime drives and rides for increased visibility and safety

$40 $9.99

Men's Padded Cycling Shorts

Lightweight bike shorts’ silicon padding keeps riders comfortable and helps protect skin from damage during long treks

$49 $14.99

Up to 51% Off Try Scuba Experience at The Dive Shop of Memphis

The Dive Shop

Up to 51% Off Try Scuba Experience at The Dive Shop of Memphis


Instructors cover role and usage of equipment, as well as diving tips, before jumping into a heated pool and putting new knowledge to use

$100 $49

Head Torch with 12 LED Bulbs

H2O-resistant head torch with 12 LED bulbs and an adjustable strap provides hands-free illumination while camping, fishing, or hiking

$34 $9.99

Whetstone Anchored Eagle Survival Kit with Knife and Sheath

Waterproof survival kit gives folks a fighting chance against the elements with a sawback knife, compass, matches, and fishing kit

$32.99 $27.99

Up to 54% Off a Whitewater-Rafting Trip

Sunburst Adventures

Up to 54% Off a Whitewater-Rafting Trip


Guides lead novices and skilled rafters down Ocoee River during half-day or full-day adventures

$54 $25

Cycling Bags

Large triangular cycling bag or medium rectangular bag provides convenient storage space on bicycle excursions

$24 $9.99

Gel Bike Seat Cover

Bring more comfort to bike rides with this gel cushion cover, which fits over almost any bike seat

$40 $11.99

2-Pack of LED Headlamps

Powered by 3 LED bulbs, headlamps feature an adjustable band and a pivoting head that aims light where you want it

$19.62 $9.99

Hydration Backpack with Two Liter Reservoir

The two-liter reservoir in this backpack keeps you hydrated throughout long bike rides without having to carry or reach for bottles

$91 $19.99

Sportsman Series Hand Crank Emergency Radio

Stay informed on impending weather with this radio, which also has LED light and USB port for charging phones; turn crank to charge

$29 $15.99

Chill Time 7ft. Nylon Hammock

A no-knot, nylon design lends durability to this 7’ hammock, which is perfect for gently swinging in with a good book or tropical drink

$29.99 $10.99

Camping Hatchet

Multipurpose camping hatchet with a 3.125-in tempered stainless steel blade and partially-serrated secondary edge

$23.95 $16.99

QueitWear Grassy Camo Head Gear

QuietWear head wear is light and stretchy to comfortably camouflage and keep warm for hours

$23 $9.99

2-Pack Schrade Tanto Folding Liner Lock Knives with G-10 Handles

Pair of twin folding knives deploy their blade with a flick of the thumb and make quick work of campsite chores or tasks around the house

$60 $14.99

Bike Headlight

This bicycle headlight shines bright, colored light to make you and your bike more visible at night

$29.99 $4.99

Plixio Water-Resistant Two-Person Tent

Lightweight and portable, this durable, weather-resistant tent is great for camping trips and hikes through the woods

$49.99 $24.99

Waterproof Silicone LED Bicycle Lights (2-Pack)

Front-facing lights with three modes and a one-touch switch design safely illuminate your path while cycling at night

$21 $6.99

Bicycle Repair Kit with Carrying Case

Multi-tool helps keep bikes in top shape with an array of screwdrivers, wrenches, and tire removal tools for roadside fixes

$39.99 $13.99

2-Pack of 24-LED Camping Lanterns with Built-In Compass

Pair of battery-powered lanterns provide 96 lumens of illumination for darkened campsites, and each has a built-in compass on top

$46 $15.99

Super Bright Bicycle Torch Flashlight and 9-LED Taillight

Torch flashlight mounts to a bike’s handlebars to provide a bright beam of light; taillight with 7 flashing modes offers 360º of visibility

$24.99 $14.99

Fuze Bike Speaker

Fuze Bike speaker holds smartphones and media devices securely during rides while blasting favorite tunes from their libraries

$24.99 $8.99

Whetstone Hunting and Pocket Knives

Utility knives, including drop-point pocket knives and a double-serrated hunting knife, come in handy for yard work or cleaning game

$14.99 $9.99

Reversible Camouflage Full Face Mask

Knit face mask covers everything but your eyes and mouth with a muted camouflage print; reverse it to reveal hunter orange

$17.99 $10.99

Whetstone 4.5-in. Black Firm Tactical Pocket Knife

Whetstone’s 8” overall tactical pocket knives are equipped with firm, 3.25” black stainless steel blade that folds into the handle

$18.99 $9.99

Merkury Innovations Universal Smartphone Bike Mount

Bike mount attaches to handlebars and securely cradles smartphones with adjustable, rubberized grips that detach from its base

$29.99 $11.99

Women's Pink Padded Bike Shorts

Discreet shorts with sewn-in padding keep riders comfortable during long treks and quick jaunts

$49 $14.99