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      88% Off a Dental Exam and Fluoride Treatment

      Kendall Dental Care/Miami Dental Care

      Multiple Locations(6.2 miles)

      A dentist examines teeth for signs of cavities and other issues, before ensuring healthy smiles with a full cleaning and fluoride treatment

      $340 $39.99

      89% Off Dental Checkup

      Smile Studio Associates Dentistry

      Coral Way(2.6 miles)

      Dentists examine teeth and rely on x-rays to find cavities before a cleaning sweeps away plaque and polishes teeth

      $345 $39

      89% Off Comprehensive Oral Exam Package

      Olga Uribe, DMD

      South Miami(8.3 miles)

      Dental team maintains oral health with a full checkup and teeth cleaning

      $350 $38 Sale Ends 12/21

      93% Off Dental Checkup

      Miami Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

      Kendale Lakes(14.8 miles)

      Experienced team performs thorough services in professional office that takes appointments until as late as 9 p.m. on most weekdays

      $403 $29

      82% Off at Bay Harbor Complete Dentistry

      Bay Harbor Complete Dentistry

      Bay Harbor Islands(8.6 miles)

      During exams, dentist searches for any issues and signs of disease; Zoom! treatments whitens teeth up to eight shades brighter

      $550 $99

      52% Off Dental-Implant Package

      Robert Faine, D.D.S.

      Miami(8.2 miles)

      Three decades of experience equip Dr. Faine with skills needed to renovate mouths with implants, abutments, and crowns

      $3,565 $1,699

      84% Off Dental Checkup

      Dr. Cecilia M. Rey D.D.S.

      Miami(5.2 miles)

      Dr. Rey draws upon a decade of experience to keep smiles healthy with a thorough exam, x-rays, and a cleaning

      $240 $39

      96% Off FastBraces Orthodontic Treatment

      New Era Dentistry

      Pinecrest(10.0 miles)

      FastBraces treatment realigns the root and crown simultaneously, leading to a full orthodontic treatment in three months to a year

      $660 $29

      88% Off Dental Checkup Package

      Doral Family Dental

      Doral(8.5 miles)

      Dental team checks teeth for any cavities and clears away tartar and plaque

      $330 $39

      84% Off Dental Checkup Package

      Dental Care Association

      Palmetto Bay(13.8 miles)

      Dentist with more than 17 years of experience inspects teeth and gums and hygienists sweep away plaque and tarter

      $238 $39

      84% Off at North Miami Beach Dental

      North Miami Beach Dental

      North Miami Beach(10.6 miles)

      Dentists with more than 20 years of experience and convenient hours examine chompers, perform x-rays, and polish smiles

      $250 $39

      91% Off Dental Exam and Cleaning

      Smile Studios Health Club

      Miami(11.5 miles)

      Dr. Raul Gonzalez and his staff protect smiles with a dental exam, x-rays, and cleaning

      $445 $39

      78% Off Pet Wellness Exam or Checkup

      Animal Clinic of Miami Dade

      Coral Terrace(7.2 miles)

      Cats and dogs visit with a vet to ensure they're healthy with thorough exams checking fecal matter and teeth; checkups include vaccinations

      $93 $20

      Up to 87% Off at Premier Dental Group

      Premier Dental Group

      Hallandale Beach(15.1 miles)

      Thorough dental exam, cleaning, and x-rays maintain oral health; teeth-whitening treatment visibly brightens smiles

      $375 $49

      Up to 89% Off Dental Exam and Teeth Whitening

      Premiere Dental Care Center

      Multiple Locations(10.5 miles)

      Dentists enlist hygienist assistance to examine, x-ray, and clean teeth to stave off decay; Venus whitening treatments brighten smiles

      $345 $39

      Up to 79% Off Dental Services

      Pro Dent Group - Kendall

      Miami(12.6 miles)

      A prophylaxis cleaning or a deep-cleaning full mouth debridement work to keep mouths free of plaque and disease

      $150 $35 Sale Ends 12/21

      96% Off Sedation Dentistry Services

      New Era Dentistry

      Pinecrest(10.0 miles)

      A dentist consults with patients to address anxieties and fears about dental procedures including needles, pain, and previous experiences

      $660 $29

      92% Off Dental Checkup at Hollywood Dental Care

      Hollywood Dental Care

      Hollywood(16.6 miles)

      Dentists examine teeth for cavities using digital x-rays, clean teeth, and apply a fluoride treatment, which helps prevent tooth decay

      $395 $30

      89% Off Dental Checkup

      Ramos Dentistry

      Miami(8.8 miles)

      Dental checkup maintains health of teeth

      $350 $40

      89% Off a Dental Package from Zuzel Trujillo DMD, PA

      Zuzel Trujillo DMD, PA

      Tamiami(14.1 miles)

      Dentist strives to make patients as comfortable as possible as she examines teeth for cavities and cleans away plaque and tartar

      $355 $39

      Up to 60% Off Veneers or Crowns at Elite Dent

      Elite Dent

      Kendall Square(15.2 miles)

      Dentists apply veneers or crowns to improve smiles' appearances or stabilize damaged teeth

      $2,500 $999

      Up to 90% Off at Premier Dental Group

      Premier Dental Group

      Hallandale Beach(15.1 miles)

      Thorough dental exam, cleaning, and x-rays maintain oral health

      $440 $45 Sale Ends 12/21

      84% Off at Sandy Dental

      Sandy Dental

      Fountainbleau(8.5 miles)

      Dentists check for issues and any signs of disease during exams with x-rays, and make teeth sparkle during cleanings

      $250 $39

      92% Off Dental Checkup

      New Era Dental

      Multiple Locations(11.0 miles)

      The dentist uses comprehensive digital x-rays that expose patients to less radiation before examining mouths and cleaning teeth

      $375 $29

      90% Off Dental Checkup at A Healthy Smile

      A Healthy Smile

      Pembroke Pines(18.8 miles)

      Dr. Delgado inspects teeth using panoramic and bitewing x-rays; the exam includes a cleaning and hygiene tutorial

      $402 $39

      Up to 88% Off Dental Services in Miami Beach

      Bal Harbour Smiles

      Miami Beach(8.7 miles)

      Dental experts beautify and safeguard smiles with preventive and cosmetic dental and periodontal services

      $248 $29

      Up to 89% Off Dental Packages

      Miami Smile Studio

      Hialeah(6.1 miles)

      Dentist examines the teeth of both kids and adults, checking for cavities and oral disease before cleaning away excess plaque

      $260 $29

      Up to 87% Off Dental Checkup or Whitening Trays

      Dente Complete Dentistry

      Miami(9.2 miles)

      Dental team maintains teeth and gums with routine exam and cleaning; custom trays conform to teeth, allowing gel to whitening smiles evenly

      $350 $49

      86% Off Dental Checkup

      Tooth Options, Inc. - Dr. Jamie Greear-Schmidt

      Pembroke Pines(17.9 miles)

      Hygienist cleans teeth and takes x-rays; dentist performs a comprehensive exam to determine oral health

      $285 $39

      79% Off at Hagen Dental

      Hagen Dental

      South Miami/ Pinecrest(8.9 miles)

      Thorough dental exam and digital x-rays assess dental health; cleaning gently removes plaque and tartar

      $284 $59

      Up to 90% Off Dental Exam

      Sunny Isles Dental

      Sunny Isles Beach(11.9 miles)

      Dentist perform an exam and clean and x-ray chompers; consultation and 3D scan for implants or veneers

      $365 $49

      77% Off Zoom! Teeth Whitening

      Cano Medical Dental

      Pembroke Commons(17.0 miles)

      Zoom, the tooth-lightening treatment most commonly requested by patients, brightens chompers with LED technology

      $400 $99

      90% Off at Florida City Dental

      Florida City Dental

      Florida City(27.9 miles)

      Dental professional ensures healthy teeth and gums by removing built-up plaque, taking x-rays, and checking for cavities and disease

      $245 $24

      87% Off Dental Package from Robert Faine, D.D.S.

      Robert Faine, D.D.S.

      Miami(8.2 miles)

      Three decades of experience equip Dr. Faine with the skills needed to assess oral health

      $222 $29

      91% Off at Dolphin Dental Care

      Dolphin Dental Care

      Multiple Locations(14.9 miles)

      Dentist uncovers dental issues with an exam and x-rays, and a cleaning removes plaque from teeth

      $307 $29

      Up to 78% Off at West Kendall Dental Associates

      West Kendall Dental Associates

      Southern Estates(12.6 miles)

      Dental staff evicts plaque and checks on gum health during typical prophylaxis cleanings or more intensive periodontal scaling

      $175 $39

      71% Off Dental Services

      Flamingo Dental Design

      Florida(16.9 miles)

      Dentists examine teeth after techs snap x-rays and scour them

      $120 $35 Sale Ends 12/21

      81% Off Dental Exam, X-rays, and Cleaning

      A and E Dental Associates

      Kendall(13.4 miles)

      The dentist takes full-mouth x-rays, comprehensively examines the mouth, and scrubs teeth free of plaque and minor stains

      $254 $49

      67% Off Dental Checkup

      Dr. Martin Leon DDS

      Multiple Locations(11.2 miles)

      Dr. Martin Leon examines mouths for signs of disease or any issues with the aid of x-rays and then thoroughly cleans teeth

      $150 $49 Sale Ends 12/21

      Up to 88% Off Dental Checkup or Whitening

      Henderson Dental Care Inc

      Hialeah(9.1 miles)

      Dental checkups include digital x-rays and cleaning; teeth whitening erases stains in one hour

      $200 $25

      89% Off Dental Packages

      Advanced Center For Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

      Kendale Lakes(13.8 miles)

      Dental professionals clean and examine teeth; complete your treatment with an optional screening for oral cancer

      $300 $32

      85% Off Custom Teeth Whitening

      Marc H. Frankel, DDS

      Marc Frankel, D.D.S.(15.1 miles)

      After an exam and x-rays, customized whitening trays are created so that you can whiten your teeth at home

      $585 $89

      85% Off Dental Checkups

      Dr. Stuart Bayes

      Park Of Commerce(24.5 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $295 $44

      65% Off Dental Checkups

      All Dentistry X Center

      Pembroke Pines(20.8 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $141 $49

      88% Off Dental Exam and Cleaning

      Sheridan Dental Care

      Hollywood Hills(17.9 miles)

      After a hygienist cleans teeth, the dentist will examine the patient’s x-rays, snapped with digital sensors for less radiation exposure

      $305 $38

      88% Off Dental Exam from Right Dental Group

      Right Dental Group

      Participating dentists administer cleanings and assess oral health, emphasizing patient-dentist communication

      $300 $35

      89% Off at Homestead Dental

      Homestead Dental

      Homestead(27.3 miles)

      Dr. Chakalov provides comprehensive dental care for the entire family by doing an extensive cleaning, x-ray, and exam

      $405 $45 Sale Ends 12/21

      91% Off at Labrada Dental

      Labrada Dental

      Miami Lakes (12.3 miles)

      Backed by more than a decade of practice, the dental team delivers an exam, cleaning, and x-rays

      $370 $35