Up to 91% Off Laser Hair Removal at Body Mantra

Body Mantra Laser Spa and Clinique

Multiple Locations (4.4 miles)

An LHE laser targets two small body areas during treatments that are designed to leave skin smooth

C$1,080 C$99

Up to 92% Off Laser Hair Removal

Iris Beauty Solution

Marpole (4.0 miles)

IPL technique heats up follicles and inhibits growth without harming the skin around it; works on all skin and hair types

C$1,260 C$99

Up to 82% Off at Elimination Laser Hair Removal

Elimination Laser Hair Removal

Located inside Black Orchid Salon (24.2 miles)

Hair follicles absorb, then are destroyed by, controlled flashes of light, which help prevent regrowth

C$450 C$129

Up to 80% Off Laser Hair-Removal

Broadway Nails Spa

Mt. Pleasant (2.3 miles)

Laser light zaps follicles, shutting down hair production over the course of six visits

C$600 C$139

Up to 63% Off Permanent Hair Removal

Jade Electrolysis

Multiple Locations (1.2 miles)

Practitioners permanently eliminate excess body and facial hair

C$78.65 C$35

Up to 84% Off Laser Hair Removal at Medica Aesthetica Canada

Medica Aesthetica Canada

Multiple Locations (8.3 miles)

Med-spa techs use lasers to disable hair growth at the follicle, eventually reducing the need to shave, wax, or tweeze for men and women

C$360 C$99

Up to 90% Off a Year of Laser Hair Removal

Zora Skin Care Clinic

Delbrook (6.0 miles)

Beams from the LightSheer Duet target rogue hairs using a combination of vacuum pressure and laser energy to comfortably create smooth skin

C$240 C$96

Up to 80% Off Laser Hair-Removal Treatments

Aura Skin Care & Laser Services

Aura Skin Care & Laser Services (9.4 miles)

Lasers target hair follicles to reduce hair regrowth for soft, touchable legs, arms, backs, and faces

C$360 C$99

Up to 79% Off Laser Hair Removal

Melanin Aesthetics and Laser Clinic

Whalley (14.3 miles)

Syneron’s elōs technology reduces hair growth on all skin types, while cooling mechanism keeps clients comfortable

C$420 C$139

Up to 54% Off Electrolysis Hair Removal

The Gentle Touch

Kitsilano (1.5 miles)

Technicians use electric currents to deactivate the hair follicle

C$30 C$15

Up to 94% Off Laser Hair Removal

Deja Vu Spa

North Vancouver (4.3 miles)

Laser light inhibits future hair growth on the face or body

C$4,500 C$255

Up to 88% Off Laser Hair Removal at Posh Nail Lounge

Posh Nail Lounge

Ambleside (4.5 miles)

The laser technician takes great care to zap hairs, leaving skin smooth and stubble-free

C$479 C$99

55% Off Services

Freshlook Laser

Sunset (3.5 miles)

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

C$1,000 C$450

Up to 89% Off Laser Hair Removal

Fluid Day Spa

Surrey (16.8 miles)

Staff targets unwanted body hair during six laser hair-removal treatments

C$500 C$89

Up to 83% Off Laser Hair Removal

Rejuven8 Skin Care

Steveston (9.8 miles)

A smooth hand-piece emits a blend of broad-spectrum light and heat energy to destroy hair at the source

C$570 C$149

50% Off Spa Package

Kitsilano Laser & Spa Centre

Kitsilano (1.3 miles)

Melt into relaxing treatments, starting with a clarifying facial, transitioning into massage, and finishing with finger-fashioning manicure

C$120 C$60

Up to 71% Off IPL Hair-Removal Treatments

Beauty Corner Spa

Vancouver (3.9 miles)

Sharplight laser IPL safe med-aesthetic systems reduce hair growth in unwanted areas, including underarms, bikini zones, and upper lip

C$100 C$29

Up to 82% Off Laser Hair Removal

Halo Laser and Skin Care

South Granville (0.4 miles)

Gentle, noninvasive laser targets hair at the follicle to permanently remove unwanted fuzz from a variety of body areas

C$270 C$139

Up to 84% Off Laser Hair Removal

Beauty Light Laser

Kitsilano (0.3 miles)

E-Light cosmetic system zaps away unwanted follicles

C$600 C$99

84% Off Laser Spider-Vein Removal

Dermix Institute

Downtown Vancouver (1.1 miles)

Using a minimally invasive, physician-directed procedure, professionals zap away unsightly spider veins on the face and legs

C$600 C$99

Up to 64% Off a Facial, Massage, or Both

Absolute Essence Laser and Beauty Room

Downtown Vancouver (1.1 miles)

European facial refreshes complexion and full-body massage with organic coconut oil soothes sore muscles

C$120 C$49

Up to 69% Off Electrolysis Hair Removal

Vernissage Salon Spa

Marpole (4.0 miles)

A filament probe, which does not break the skin, delivers a microcurrent to the follicle to shut down hair growth

C$120 C$45

Up to 70% Off 60-Minute Facials

Smooth Laser Clinic

Surrey (15.1 miles)

Six available facials draw from Éminence, GlyMed, and Dermalogica products, as well as treatments of vitamins A and C

C$110 C$35

Up to 70% Off IPL Photofacials

Silky Laser & Skincare Centre

Mt. Pleasant (1.1 miles)

IPL diminishes sun damage, fine lines, acne scarring, and uneven pigmentation, leaving skin clearer and smoother

C$450 C$155

Up to 73% Off Laser Genesis Treatment

Celebrity Laser

Ambleside (4.7 miles)

Noninvasive med-spa treatments aim to stimulate collagen production and exfoliate skin to create vibrant complexions

C$720 C$199

Up to 73% Off IPL Acne Treatments

York Laser Centre

York Laser Clinic (14.7 miles)

Intense pulses of light that destroy the most common acne-causing bacteria shower the skin leaving it clearer and healthier

C$100 C$49

Up to 74% Off Laser Genesis Treatments with SilkPeel

Eternal Skin Care

West End (1.6 miles)

Laser beams enter skin’s dermal layer to boost collagen, soften lines, and assauge acne; SilkPeel technology deeply exfoliates complexions

C$520 C$139

Up to 68% Off Microdermabrasions or Peels

Canyon Laser & Skin Care

Lynn Valley Village (6.8 miles)

Three-part system sloughs off dead skin cells to unearth new skin free of blemishes; peels with alpha and beta hydroxy acids

C$260 C$99

Up to 75% Off Electrolysis at Zora Skin Care Clinic

Zora Skin Care Clinic

Delbrook (6.0 miles)

Aestheticians deploy electrical currents to remove coarse body hair for smoother skin; best on white or grey hair

C$70 C$28

Up to 69% Off at Light Wellness Clinic

Light Wellness Clinic

Multiple Locations (24.5 miles)

Customers are bathed in nontoxic blue, red, or infrared light, which may stimulate their cells and provide pain and fatigue relief

C$195 C$75

Up to 79% Off Lipo Laser and Vibration Machine

Mint Condition Body and Laser Spa

North Vancouver (4.2 miles)

Noninvasive laser light targets localized fat deposits, supplemented by 10–15 minutes on a vibration machine

C$600 C$149

Up to 85% Off Laser-Lipo Treatments

Iris Beauty Solution

Marpole (4.0 miles)

Low-level laser aims to slim waistlines through targeted fat reduction over the course of multiple 30-minute treatments

C$900 C$164

Up to 79% Off VelaShape II Treatments

Aesthetic Laser Group

Surrey (16.0 miles)

Noninvasive, FDA-cleared device combines infrared heat, radio frequency, and massage to tone skin and contour curves

C$880 C$199

Up to 74% Off Facial Treatments

Melanin Aesthetics and Laser Clinic

Whalley (14.3 miles)

Light energy delves into damaged or aging skin to soften lines, diminish discoloration, and leave a fresher complexion

C$267 C$109

Up to 83% Off Laser-Lipo Sessions

Couture Body Concepts

Langley (24.6 miles)

Non-surgical laser treatments break down cellulite/fat cells to help contour curves with no downtime, leaving skin tighter in the process

C$500 C$99