Up to 82% Off Laser Hair Removal

Halo Laser and Skin Care

South Granville

Gentle, noninvasive laser targets hair at the follicle to permanently remove unwanted fuzz from a variety of body areas

C$270 C$139

Up to 95% Off Laser Hair Reduction

White Orchid Rejuvenation Centre

Downtown Vancouver

Non-invasive laser light removes unwanted hair on all skin types, with a cooling sensation during hair removal to reduce discomfort

C$2,800 C$149

Up to 92% Off Laser Hair Removal

Iris Beauty Solution


IPL technique heats up follicles and inhibits growth without harming the skin around it; works on all skin and hair types

C$1,260 C$99

Up to 84% Off Laser Hair Removal

Beauty Light Laser


E-Light cosmetic system zaps away unwanted follicles

C$600 C$99

Up to 94% Off Laser Hair Removal

Deja Vu Spa

North Vancouver

Laser light inhibits future hair growth on the face or body

C$4,500 C$255

Up to 88% Off Laser Hair Removal

Ruba Bar Laser

Downtown Vancouver

The FDA-approved Cutera laser machine noninvasively zaps away unwanted hair; pain free and requires no downtime

C$594 C$99

Up to 77% Off Laser Hair Removal

Silky Laser & Skincare Centre

Mt. Pleasant

Noninvasive lasers remove unwanted body hair

C$490 C$119

Up to 90% Off a Year of Laser Hair Removal

Zora Skin Care Clinic


Beams from the LightSheer Duet target rogue hairs using a combination of vacuum pressure and laser energy to comfortably create smooth skin

C$240 C$96

Up to 88% Off Laser Hair Removal at Posh Nail Lounge

Posh Nail Lounge


The laser technician takes great care to zap hairs, leaving skin smooth and stubble-free

C$479 C$99

Up to 83% Off Laser Hair Removal

Rejuven8 Skin Care


A smooth hand-piece emits a blend of broad-spectrum light and heat energy to destroy hair at the source

C$570 C$149

Up to 86% Off Laser Hair Removal

Laser Era Clinic & Spa


Laser technicians aim special laser system at unwanted hair across the body, creating smooth surfaces without perpetual waxing or shaving

C$600 C$99

Up to 75% Off Laser Hair Removal

Mint Condition Body & Laser Spa

North Vancouver

Licensed professionals use lasers to target hair follicles, reducing hair growth on areas such as the bikini line, underarms, and upper lip

C$294 C$91

Up to 60% Off Laser Hair Removal

Forever Laser Spa


Laser technicians work to eradicate unwanted hair with cold lasers, which can deactivate hair growth at the follicle

C$75 C$37

Up to 66% Off Microdermabrasion

Luminous Skin Care


A 30-minute microdermabrasion treatment removes dead skin cells, clears dirt from pores, and stimulates collagen production

C$198 C$75

Up to 88%Off Laser Hair Removal

Naturalase @ Fluid Day Spa


Staff targets unwanted body hair during six laser hair-removal treatments, or an entire year of unlimited treatments

C$800 C$149

Up to 82% Off at Elimination Laser Hair Removal

Elimination Laser Hair Removal

Located inside Black Orchid Salon

Hair follicles absorb, then are destroyed by, controlled flashes of light, which help prevent regrowth

C$450 C$129

Up to 84% Off Laser Hair Removal at Body Mantra

Body Mantra Laser Spa and Clinique

Body Mantra Laser Spa and Clinque

An LHE laser targets a extra-small, small, medium, or large body area during treatments that last up to an hour and leave skin smooth

C$405 C$89

Up to 83% Off Laser Hair Removal

Heavenly Soul


Clients can return every eight weeks for a year to clear away unwanted hairs

C$500 C$99

55% Off Services

Freshlook Laser


Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

C$1,000 C$450

Up to 51% Off Brazilian Waxes

Flawless Esthetics By Lauren

Downtown Vancouver

Certified esthetician draws from artistic background & more than 12 years of experience to evict unwanted hair from bikini area

C$40 C$20

Up to 55% Off Brazilian Waxes at Green Leaf Spa

Green Leaf Spa


Downtown spa boasts a peaceful atmosphere where technicians remove unwanted hair in the Brazilian region

C$40 C$19

Up to 39% Off Brazilian Waxing

Wax Hair Removal Bar

Inside High Fidelity Salon

Trained waxperts removes all—or nearly all—hair from southern hemispheres for both women and men; glitter tattoos last up to seven days

C$43 C$28

Up to 54% Off Brazilian Waxing at Elan Beauty

Elan Beauty


Get ready for bikini season with a Brazilian at this full-service clinical beauty spa

C$50 C$25

50% Off Brazilian Wax at Vancouver Green Spa

Vancouver Green Spa

Downtown Vancouver

Brazilian wax removes all hair from bikini region

C$50 C$25

Up to 51% Off Brazilian Waxes

The Urban's Beauty Treat


Aestheticians use warm wax to quickly and thoroughly remove unwanted body hair below the belt

C$40 C$20

Up to 53% Off Brazilian or Full-Body Waxing

New In Style Hair & Beauty Salon

Second Street

Aesthetician nixes unwanted hair from the legs, arms, face, neck, and stomach; Brazilian wax removes hair from the intimate area

C$35 C$17

Up to 51% Off Brazilian Waxes

Mor Than Ever Wellness Spa

Burnaby Heights

Aestheticians remove unwanted hair from nether regions during approximately 30-minute sessions

C$45 C$22

Up to 66% Off Permanent Hair Removal

Jade Electrolysis

Multiple Locations

Practitioners permanently eliminate excess body and facial hair

C$78.65 C$32

Up to 54% Off Electrolysis Hair Removal

The Gentle Touch


Technicians use electric currents to deactivate the hair follicle

C$30 C$15

Up to 56% Off Brazilian-Wax Treatments

Best Brow Spa


Aesthetician gives ladies' bikini zones a full clearing

C$45 C$22

Up to 53% Off Waxing

Gemini Beauty Centre


Experienced aestheticians remove hair from underarms, bikini lines, or lower legs to reduce the time to get ready in the morning

C$15 C$7

Up to 54% Off at Fairview Electrolysis Clinic

Fairview Electrolysis Clinic

Fairview Slopes

Licensed electrologists target one hair at a time with high-frequency currents, inhibiting future growth

C$60 C$30

Up to 57% Off Brazilian Waxes

Make Me Over Salon and Spa

Port Moody

Waxing treatments completely remove hair from bikini areas

C$58 C$29

Up to 53% Off Brazilian or Bikini Waxes

Techniks Hair Studio

North Vancouver

Skilled aesthetician clears away unwanted hair from bikini line or intimate areas during swift waxing sessions

C$60 C$29

Up to 56% Off Brazilian Waxes

Zara's Hair & Esthetics


Wax technician gives bikini zones a full clearing with deft, discreet and sanitary Brazilian waxes

C$45 C$22

Up to 56% Off Brazilian Waxes

Azzi Hair Studio


Waxing experts swiftly remove hair from the nether regions, unveiling softer, smoother skin

C$40 C$19

55% Off Brazilian Waxes

Exquisite Beauty, Hair and Spa

Port Moody

Get bikini-ready with a Brazilian wax at this upscale salon and spa in Port Moody

C$50 C$25

Up to 75% Off Electrolysis at Zora Skin Care Clinic

Zora Skin Care Clinic


Aestheticians deploy electrical currents to remove coarse body hair for smoother skin; best on white or grey hair

C$70 C$28

Up to 50% Off Brazilian Waxes

Aru Spa and Salon

South Surrey

Inside decadent salon and spa, aestheticians whisk unwanted hair from bikini zones with professional waxing treatments

C$69 C$35

Up to 54% Off Brazilian and Full-Body Waxing

New Style Hair & Beauty Salon


Waxing results in smooth-to-the-touch skin for the bikini area or the full body

C$40 C$19

Up to 69% Off Electrolysis Hair Removal

Vernissage Salon Spa


A filament probe, which does not break the skin, delivers a microcurrent to the follicle to shut down hair growth

C$120 C$45

Up to 56% Off Brazilian Waxes

Glamour Touch Studio

South Surrey

Spa technicians remove unwanted hair from nether regions

C$45 C$22

Up to 67% Off Brazilian Waxes at Sueño Spa

Sueno Spa


Waxing specialists swipe hair away from the Brazilian area, leaving behind smooth, bikini-ready skin

C$180 C$69.99

Up to 63% Off Brazilian Waxes

Azure Skin Care


Specialists remove unwanted hair from nether regions during 30-minute appointments

C$50 C$20

Up to 60% Off Eyebrow Threading

Mani at Essence Laser Spa


Aesthetician uses a twisted piece of thread to shape eyebrows and remove unwanted hair for a well-groomed, polished look

C$10 C$5

Up to 53% Off Brazilian Waxes at Bal's Beauty Bar

Bal's Beauty Bar

South Surrey

Aestheticians remove all hair from the bikini area with Brazilian waxes

C$60 C$29

Up to 60% Off Permanent Hair Removal

Jade Electrolysis

Multiple Locations

Practitioners permanently eliminate excess body and facial hair

C$78.65 C$39

Up to 56% Off Permanent Hair Removal

Jade Electrolysis

Multiple Locations

Practitioners permanently eliminate excess body and facial hair

C$78.65 C$42