Good deal. However, what is up with me having to re-enter all my billing information even though I already have a groupon account? It’s a little fishy to me and very inconvenient. So, I’ve decided not to purchase.

Coincidentally, I feel the same way as Ora. Not purchasing because it seems odd that I would have to re-enter all my info even though I have an account.

Ok a bit scary cuz I did purchase it, it said it came from the groupon page I made sure on that but I dont see anything on my groupon acct about it or my bank account whats up?

Ok so it took a couple of hours but it finally went through & its listed here on my groupon page & verfied via email. That was scary especially since I couldnt get a hold of them during the weekend. There should be some sort of emergeny calling??? especially since they do groupon deals during the weekends would make sense. Not sure why I had to relist all my info credit card stuff guess I have to wait to see what they say on Monday.

I was trying to buy one for me and one for a gift, It was telling me that I had to enter all of my information again. If you have all of my information, and obviously you do because I am signed in on my page and I see my name there, I would rather not order it…thanks anyway Groupon…If I have to enter it again every time I want to buy something then Groupon’s not for me.;

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