Can there be 2 people at the table and each one use a coupon?

Max from Groupon

Hi Melissa,

Yes, for this Groupon you can use one per person with no per table limit. Enjoy!



I am so disappointed with my groupons this week. I am from Atlanta and bought some groupons while visiting the San Antonio area. We drove all over town to find this place and the manager told me that because my name was on the three groupons I bought that I can only use one. On the groupon it specifically states ONE PER PERSON. They would not even let us order seperately and take our orders to go. Since we wasted gas and time to eat there. We decided to eat there anyway. The waitress conveniently forgot to place my order and brought everyone’s else order to the table. The food was horrible so I’m glad she really didn’t bring it after everyone tasted theirs. Terrible customer service. I want my money back for the coupons I was unable to use because I won’t be back in San Antonio again anytime soon. Let’s not start to talk about Dinky’s Barbeque!

Max from Groupon


I am very sorry to hear about the misunderstanding at Cachito. I will call them today to make sure they understand for future visits. In terms of your refunds, just email support@groupon.com and they will make sure your are refunded. Please let me know when this gets taken care of, and again I apologize for the negative experience.


I had the same experience. I bought two coupons for there because the first comment says we can use two. But we went there tonight and the manager would not let me use both of them, even after I was very persistent about it. I would not have bought them both, if I had known we could not use 2.

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